Energy Quicky: Getting Grounded for a Great Day!

Hey, friends!

Quick morning message to speak about how we are able to support ourselves feeling nice and stable (whilst also flowing) moment to moment. The earth is changing. Society is adjusting. A little extra self care is the #1 way we are able to stay in our hearts, be who we are, and keep it moving.

Self care is something that many of us have a resistance to because we are told it takes 'too much time'. The key here is finding out what works for our souls, allowing ourselves to be a priority, and then physically embodying that self care model. *Writers note: We all know how easy it is to spend an hour 'resisting' something/stressing out over how to do it. Those moments are much more efficiently aligned just doing the thing, whatever it is.*

For me, the most important part of the day is the first hour after rest. What happens in that window sets the tone for the rest of the day, for me. A way that I create stability in my world is to allow myself that window to transition from what was worked on during rest state and to connect to my soul and body experience here in this realm.

Self care is not always a big huge dramatic routine. In fact, as is the case in our household and for this example, that little hour for me (us, says Damien) is how we are able to show up for ourselves and our community with joy for the rest of the day.

Typical AM

1) Snuggles with Damien. I clear both of our energy fields quickly as we rise. (This helps us clear any debris from our travels or soul work we did while resting.)

2) Start the morning with a big glass of water. When merited, I add a multivitamin to this. (Magnesium is a great booster in moments of great energetic flux.)

3) Have a positive interaction with a person that I love. (Living alone, this often means emails or text messages. Positive human interaction really grounds me. Grounding in love is a highly recommended practice.)

4) Do some form of physical exercise, usually yoga or walking. This helps me ground into my body/help it shake out/work through any energy called into it for the day or during the night. This is also just pure FUN for me. Especially the walking, because there are animals and often cool fog lifting early in the am, where I live. The earth is a huge inspiration of my being, so allowing myself to flow into it helps me really remember what I came here for and boosts me into the tasks for the day.

Sometimes, we prefer lists with personal examples because they help us apply principles/ideas. Other times, those lists can make it harder for us to see ourselves. To be inclusive, I will phrase the list a second time, new way:

1) AM energy practice to clear your field (this can take as short or as long a 'frame' as you like. 30 seconds is better than no seconds, after all!)

2) Nourish yourself with whatever it is your body requires. (If you fast, water and vitamins are great. If you eat in the am, get that nutrition in there.)

3) Do something that helps you connect to love. That could be an interaction with a friend, family member, or a nice conversation with yourself.

4) Root in your passion. Aligning with that as part of your grounding for the day in a high vibrational way is a wonderful way to remain connected to and embodying our unique soul gift/signature!

Remember, friends. We are worth the effort.

I recorded this personal self care workshop with tools you can use any moment throughout your day as well as containing an excellent practice to work with to really hone in on your soul and what it requires for healthy and happy function:

Here is an image of a boulder and some moss friends who I grounded with yesterday while out on my am harmonization walk. There was some weird energy that had come up as I was processing my path and this gentle giant called me over to sit and have a rest while I worked through my thoughts/feelings. They helped me get grounded while I got grounded!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

Seeking more tools? Head on over to my blog, for my full library (scrolling back you will find hundreds of exercises)

My youtube page is home to many informational videos and recorded meditations that you are able to work with as inspired:

My school. (Please feel welcomed to write me a private email if you are seeking guidance on which program may be right for you!)

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