Energy Influxes and Our Bodies: BIG SHIFTS

Hello, FAM!

Woke up with a big old solar belly and some nausea! I RARELY feel that after all these years. To be feeling it like this tells me: These influxes are going DEEP! This post is all about how energy influxes and our bodies meet and what we can do to flow through it!

This has been such a transformational 30 days and here we are, about to go into the BIG STUFF!


What the Influx?: So far, as part of this expansion, I have felt energy shifting through my knees, head, heart, throat, back, (scapula in particular), gut, butt (including big pains as my root was reconnected after being purified), and then a whole lot of wind (thanks Uranus). I have also felt it in my tendons, interstitial fluids, and various muscle groups as they realign to the new grounding. Even the way my feet touch the ground right now feels different. COOL! My belly has grown three sizes then shrank, I swelled to the size my hands would not fit into gloves, then went back to normal, wrinkles are shifting out. All of it as my body brings in fluid to support the healing/regeneration process being sparked by the influxes and self work. I know if I feel it, others do as well. It can be scary and a bit confusing if you are not in the flow of knowing what is going on. Hence, I write for us now about it!

(An image from Amsterdam, 2019! Recorded during another big belly solar moment. Love how funny signs really tell us what is up.)

As discussed in a recent video update, our bodies are reconnecting to:

a) Their natural capabilities that were not turned on at a lower harmonic


b) The higher harmonic bandwidth of the grid system of planet earth (and for some, much more than this As an update, we keep it simple).

This has been AMAZING to be part of.Click here for that video and some more technical information:

Where do I get this information? I have been an architect and blueprint of this process my entire life. A huge objective of my teaching has been to get the truth about our planet and bodies to this community. It is a joy to share these insights with you and in support of your ENJOYMENT and KNOWING FLOWING through these changes.


Obviously, actions like adjusting your personal harmonics by aligning your energy and clearing/repairing your auric field is clutch. This is advice you hear from me often. We are adding to it with this list:

Walking: It helps move stagnant energy and/or helps disperse the big huge influxes. Feeling antsy? A stroll works.

Weight lifting/yoga: Activities that have us focus on our bodies and breath help us .... focus on our bodies and breath. A lot gets moved when we stop the internal chatter and help our muscles squeeze and flow the new energy into them, and sweating the old out. Muscles respond very well to exercise in these sorts of influxes. (More on that in My spiritual life: Exalting the Masculine. Check out our conversation, here:

FYI: We do soul/body consultations in my household that include physical movements and soul exercises. If you would like to set up a personal session, we are here for it! Get in touch with us at and Mike and I will set something up for you. (For those wondering about his qualifications to 'do' this. He is a trainer/coach and before that, as a professional athlete. As we speak about in the MSL episode linked above, physical energy and soul expression has been a huge part of his path. He knows what he is talking about...I still also do my other session formats.

Turmeric: Excellent to support pineal and joint expansion/clearing. Headaches and joint pain. GREAT to help shift out the depression feelings we sometimes experience as our veil lifts. Turmeric is a decalcification agent of your pineal and will support that energy moving (thus helping to shift out headaches). GOLDEN MILK (I do the coconut version) is great to soothe sick feeling tummies and heads.

Peppermint: A good cup of peppermint tea goes a long way toward soothing nerves and nausea. If your sacral/solar plexus area is 'moving' (or not), this is a huge help.

Detoxification: Giving your body the gift of detoxification is a great way to share some love with your sacred vessel. Our souls have a hard time interfacing in their full body expressions, sometimes, because we are filled up with toxins accumulated throughout our life. In the spiritual world, we often focus on 'emotional' toxins, like repressed feelings and core wounds. There is also a physical component to this. Golden milk (mentioned above) is great for beginners. We are rocking a celery juice cleanse at our house, these days. I have been a HUGE fan of the gentle cleanse series released by 'Renew Life'. Their 'My First Cleanse' package is wonderful in that it is all plant based, it is not so extreme you get headaches and cranky, and is affordable. Milk thistle, dandelion root, and chaga mushrooms are all wonderful, affordable, and safe detox support agents.

The Sacred Plant: For some of us, marijuana is a helpful, safe, medicinal plant that helps us ground our energy and shift it. For a lot of star people, marijuana in its flower or edible form can be super grounding. Not to mention very helpful for nausea, headaches, and joint pain. I am fortune to be living in a place where medicinal marijuana is permitted and high quality flower is available.

If you can get away from it, I do not recommend taking pharmaceutical medications to 'fix' yourself for these energy expressions related to expansion. Some of us have a great reason to work with pharmaceuticals and this is not a 'diss' or irresponsible advice to just 'ditch' it. This is moreso written in the spirit of: If your head hurts it is probably better right now to work with your energy than to pop a tylenol 3. The pain/feelings come from letting the toxins out and opening. Adding more toxins does not help.

Finding Fun: The point of this suggestion is to remember joy anchors all of this process. It is the glue that holds us together. Feeling a little 'What the Heck'? Get into the joy division and live it. It helps.

Sunbathing: You can do this from your couch, bed, front yard, a safe space outside: WHEREVER you are able to get into the rays of the sun. They are so powerful. Allowing your body to get buzzing in the full solar spectrum helps harmonize it and you. These rays are a gift. Get in them.

(The rays are available to us right now. Even choosing to do errands is a great way to get ourselves out there and moving in them. This is an image recorded from a fuel stop while doing just that. The rays are getting increasingly more powerful. We feel them, anyway. It can be nice to get out to play.)

On a builders note...

We are doing GREAT. The Universe has been so ready for this. The expansion that I shared about in this video is ongoing: We continue dissolving that old stranglehold. Guess what? Those moments of inner healing we are all having creates space for big chunks of control and veil energy to be sloughed up. Self work is planetary care.

For more on our current process, click here:

How we doing, squad? This is a real question! VIBE CHECK!

(Seeking community to vibe with? Love this type of info and thinking you would like more? We got fresh info and all the love in my patreon community. Head to to check out my tiers and get involved!! )


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