Energy Body Expansion, Ascension, and our Bodies

Hello, friends!

Another day, another opportunity for change and growth.

Another facet of this post-eclipse, 2020 world that we are grounding in has to do with our physical bodies and energetic transitions.

One of the key objectives of 'waking up' the energy body and 'ascending' is to open up advanced capabilities of the human body. As the vibration of the planet rises, as we work on ourselves through our practice and day to day lifestyle adjustments, we bring ourselves into the space where we are able to recognize, cultivate, and play with these abilities.

Waking up (turning on, keying in, activating) and expanding our energy bodies is quite the experience. As we work through influxes, space storms, shift in the magnetic field/positioning of the poles of the earth, we are always calibrating. We are shifting. These influxes in many ways are designed to support JUST THAT! When they come in, we FEEL THEM! This can be everything ranging from physical dis-ease to what people call 'symptoms' (I prefer the term expressions) of energy as it works its way through our bodies, to growing ability to see/sense/feel/experience this and other dimensions through your sensory systems.

Right now, a whole bunch of us are experiencing various parts of this calibration process. Trust that each of us is exactly where we need to be in this process.

Over the years, I have created a number of materials that point out different parts of this process from the feeling/physical/energy expansion perspective. I have been writing so much about karma and the cosmic womb lately, it felt prudent to bring it to one of my most favourite topics: ENERGY BODY EXPANSION! With so many people experiencing the physical expressions of this expansion by way of 'aches' or feeling like they are in and out of time, it felt prudent to get together some of my materials and share them with you now. (Thanks to the person who wrote in with ascension basics question yesterday. You inspired this post!)


What Is Ascension:

Feeling Like Shi(f)t On the Path (Sickness and Awakening Journey):

Stepping through Worlds: Waves of Transition

Dark Night of the Soul: “The Illumination Stage”:

In addition to the written/spoken pieces, I offer these three images. The first was recorded yesterday with Damien whilst connecting with this beautiful andara friend (thanks Dana at Elemental Ascension for uniting us). The other two are images created by Iris Adema (Golden Ones Creations Together, the images and the energies they represent are helpful for sparking the coherent integration of your ongoing upgrade processes. Meditate on them if you feel inspired!! (Also, special notice that Iris Adema and I will be hosting an energy alignment next weekend focused on grounding upgrades/alignments. Please email me at for more information/to express interest in being included.)

Keep going, friends! We got this.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

For those who are seeking something a little more formal than the tools listed above, I have recently put together this package that includes tools along with in depth information on soul unification, timeline alignment, energy calibration, and opening up/expanding your energy system These three pieces are jam packed with resources that I highly recommend.


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