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Energetic Purification and Karmic Alignment Meditation (with Unicorns)

Hello, friends!

This video is a quick meditation and purification session that was recorded by surprise this morning. Together with co-creator Iris Adema (who joined and performed astrally), we lead you through a quick exercise to release any outdated karmic ties, contracts, and

energy connections. We then welcome you to call forth the energy of rainbow purification and energetic autonomy. As part of this, we get a huge boost of unicorn energy.

Wondering why the Monoceros meteor shower was so exciting?

In part, because it created a portal for their energy to be anchored with more fluidity and frequency all throughout the planet. Call on them for support with connecting to purification. They love you.

*As I shared at the end of this practice, it was the first one I ever recorded with a co-creator coming in astrally as Iris did. We had initially been scheduled for a meeting. I sat down to begin the meeting and felt her astral tap. I then realized that 'meeting' was really this piece, for you. So I trusted my heart and pressed record. This is what came through!*

If you are seeking more information on karma clearing and purification, you may check out karmma 1 and 2 at IndiCrow Academy. I am about to bundle them this afternoon. They are available as individual pieces, now!

Iris Adema is the wonderful co-creator I mentioned throughout this journey. She connected in with me astrally to help with adjusting and bringing in the Unicorn frequency. You may recall me referring to her coded art. She also does in depth spiritual surgery and alignments, is available to commission aligning code pieces, and is a specialist at working with children and incoming souls! Please check her out at her personal page (Iris Adema) and at her artist page, Golden Ones Creation: https://www.facebook.com/Golden-Ones-Creations-100571828086700/.

Meditation (please feel free to share, this is a community resource): https://youtu.be/E-MC7STFSDE

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow (with Iris Adema)

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