Empath Enjoyment: Monthly Skills Focus Series

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Many of us who are energy aware are familiar with the term 'empathic'. In short, an empath is a person who is sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies. We feel through the waves that are presented to us. This can be in terms of the feelings of other people, earth shifts like the quakes, as well as the environments we are living in.

When we are vibrationally aware beings with these 'empathic' abilities, we process the world a little differently. Yes, we feel more and yes, it can at times be hard to understand. ESPECIALLY when we are not able to place the feelings to what we are seeing in the world on the surface. However, that sensitivity and that ability to connect deeply in the heart of emotion is a beautiful gift that is a huge asset for us to work with and get to experience as part of being on this planet.

The purpose of this offering is to share some of the best tools I have developed over the years to begin bringing in the understanding and thus, enjoyment factor of being an empath!

Topics covered:

-What is being an empath and why is this skill an important piece of our connection here on earth?

- Being able to hear through the lines of emotion/feeling that you experience in communication (how to sort out what is being spoken about, what is not, and how to figure out where to position yourself)

- How to feel comfortable in public spaces.

- How to determine the source of what you are feeling (is it mine or theirs? Is it the collective? Is this the earth?)

- How to filter what you see, hear, and feel through these senses

- Ways to understand and work through communication based discrepancies and difficulties (processing in layers, being able to feel and see the different parts of what a person is saying and how to reconcile/work through that)

- Healthy energetic boundaries and auric field/energy body maintenance.

- How to thank your body for the message your senses are sending you and then keep on going with your day.

Exchange: $144 - $200 CAD (pay what you can). If you are not able to make that amount at first, I do accept payment plans happily. You may reserve your position for $22.22 CAD!

WHERE: I will hold space for our group in a private forum hosted through google classroom. (If that is not your thing and you prefer to go it alone, you are welcomed. The videos will be accessible through IndiCrow Academy and we can set you up that way.)

WE BEGIN Wednesday, July 31 and wrap up fully on August 24/26. (Please note that we will be taking a short sojourn the weekend of The first recorded skill set video will be released on Wednesday the 31, with a new skill video being offered each week for you to practice. *There will be a sojourn mid August for a few days as I go to be involved in the wedding of 2 best friends.*

We will be having 2 video calls. These are opportunities for you to check in, receive specific guidance and feedback, and have great conversation with others in the group. These calls are a highlight point and I strongly encourage people to take advantage of the chance to converse, make friends, and have fun that they offer!!.

DISTRIBUTION: There will be a video for 3 concurrent Tuesdays with welcome call on August 3 as well as a wrap up call on August 24. *The call will be scheduled according to what works for participants.*

To register, please contact me directly at katieindicrow@gmail.com. You may send exchange to paypal.me/KatieIndiCrow or if in Canada through etransfer to katieindicrow@gmail.com.

We will be keeping this class size nice and cozy. I hold loving space and am excited to welcome you. Being an empath is fun and I am honoured to get to share about it with you!

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Photo by Marion Michele on Unsplash

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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