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Emergence: New Crow Medicine and April Video Forecast Available Now

This is a two resource post!

The first: Announcing my newest installment of Crow Medicine.



This installment is all about EMERGENCE. That 'finally' moment where things start looking bright and working again after we go for a little (or long) walk in the darkness. Join me, Katie IndiCrow, for a journey through what it means to go inward and the joy that comes in those powerful moments where we come out. Where we EMERGE. A little more strong, a little more aware, and able to see and do things differently. Like little people butterflys.

Themes discussed include: The role of introspection and healing; Seeing ourselves in our darkness and deciding to shift behaviours and habits; Finding our path forward; and Staying the course. Featuring music from: The Verve, The Doors, Kings of Tomorrow, Shapeshifters and more.

The focused intent exercise for this installment is all about calling in our pathways to emergence!

Click here to join in: https://open.spotify.com/episode/4RoXUGCOqdAyKy6Lw69vmz?si=FL4u8olKRVC_6okMc8bHFg&utm_source=copy-link

Resource #2: April Video Update!

This month, we focus on 2 major themes: Emergence and Staying In Our Lane as MAJOR change plays out. For a lot of us, April has brought with it a breath of fresh air (or it will). This is much needed after the year we have had. Ceres is in GREAT positioning this month. Harvest, harvest, harvest friends who have carried so much. This is a time of new ideas and hope for a good few of us. Enjoy it.

If this is not you, you also matter. Welcome to an awakening moment. You will get through it. My Crow Medicine episode 'Initiation' is a loving exploration of this...with music. I highly recommend: https://www.indicrowenergetics.com/post/crow-medicine-initiation-new-installment-on-spotify .

Noticing email/banking/government interfaces just NOT WORKING? Many of us are. This has to do with Jupiter and Saturn and their dance through systems. In this video (as well as my April 'stars, body, and soul forecast', we talk about how to spot and not get driven off of your track by energy sucking. (Click here for the April podcast: https://www.indicrowenergetics.com/post/april-body-soul-and-stars-energy-report).

I also spend a few moments talking about my new music project, Crow Medicine. Basically, my childhood dream of becoming a radio style disc jockey is coming true. This is my most heartfelt performances and forms of sharing yet. I encourage you to come for a spark. Access to Crow Medicine, Soul Compass, all my platforms and book can be found here https://linktr.ee/KatieIndiCrow.

Big love!

Katie IndiCrow

Living my life in peace and joy. Impenetrable to all else.

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