Email list results (ish)

Hey, friends.

So. This is a 50 50 message.

So. Good news. We have a resolution on the misdirection issue.

People having my email misdirected through the list are only people who have the wix app.

Solution: Unsusbscribe from or delete the app that comes with wix that my site used to direct you to and/or that we used during the time I hosted my community space here. *if you clicked a little drop down menu saying to download the app to stay in touch, this is you.*

The wix run app is not working and so we are not ever using it. Wix apparently cannot turn off these misdirected email notifications or fix them. Which seems crazy to me....but after 3.5 weeks with their technicians this is what they came back with.

Even though I have disabled the app and am not using it. If any of you downloaded it, it is still affecting your access. Delete the app. Getting rid of it will bring you and your emails back to normal site access. No misdirection to an access request screen.

To be clear. Nothing I post on this site will have that request unless it is a product I am selling.

I apologize for wix not being able to fix this on their end. I apologize for any annoyance their inability to have proper email distribution may have caused.

Hopefully people recognize this is kind of a run of the mill computer thing and not me being a money grabber or withholding information after "inviting " you to join my community which I know is what it kind of looked like to a few of you. You told me as much.

For people wondering about wix for their own sites. Community app and everything that comes with it is not something I recommend. Patreon is more reliable and user friendly for a members zone. This is why I host there now.

This is last you will hear from me about this issue with wix.

Since I got a lot of complaints > felt important to let you know this is what happened with it.



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