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Dragons, Unicorns, and Sasquatches

Good morning, learners!

We are getting ready for our special youth focused gathering on meeting our friends and allies, dragons, unicorns and sasquatches.

The world is changing. Children feel everything. A topic that comes up in these moments is the potential of having interactions at sleep time or in the astrals that makes them feel uneasy or uncomfortable. Picking up from our conversation last week about senses, we are going to talk about how sometimes they help us feel things we do not understand. Keeping it light, I am introducing these three special friends as beings that are there to help children who are always there to call on if they feel they need help.

The undercurrent/main theme is energetic autonomy and being able to claim your space. This creates feelings of security.

This call takes place on zoom.us. You may download a free user copy of that program from the site.

Please come into the call with a muted microphone. If you do not know how to mute your microphone prior to entry, make sure your environment is quiet when you come in. Especially if you are past the start point. You will be able to mute it as soon as your screen pops up.

We ask that people respect this little muting practice because it helps us to ensure that the person who is speaking at any given time is heard clearly. It can be hard to listen through the breathing and background sounds of many people!

Please also take a moment to energetically clear your auric field and ground your energy. This is a great practice that supports you staying in your own field, not passing on your shifting energy to others, and also making sure your auric field is nice and strong so you do not pick up energy you do not wish to feel from others.


I am not requesting formal registration for this call. That said, I am gratefully willing to receive gifts of support for my ongoing universal work to paypal.me/KatieIndiCrow and/or to my email address, katieindicrow@gmail.com if in Canada through etransfer. A recommended amount could be $10.10! Though I certainly appreciate anything. It all adds up!


We will be live in 25 ish minutes from this post at this link:


Meeting ID: 189 394 169

Password: 004581

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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