Doing it with Community (An Invitation)

I know that people often wish they did not have to 'go through this alone'.

I know that people seek stimulating conversation, opportunities to gather, and ways to build skills simultaneously.

A reminder: We have been joining together around these themes in a members community that I built on a private website. The premise is that we gather once a week (sometimes twice) for community, conversation, and special learning. Right now, we are working on powering up the planet and taking care of ourselves (and each other) through Equinox! (Next month we are honouring animals and ancestors as our monthly theme. We will be having a special gueset come in and mentor us on how to make medicine bundles. We will work with Damien. It will be great.)

We have had two excellent learning events so far this month, two Monday 'energy of this week' gatherings, and a kids/youth family focus special gathering. Participants are able to access the 'Cosmic Embodiment' as well as the 'Tree Connection' learning sessions upon registration. We are also building into a family Equinox practice (in coming days).

We have two more coming up this week for Equinox. We have a group gathering on Sunday at 4 pm adt and then another am gathering Monday where we will unite in ceremony (I will record and post for those unable to make the live).

For people who like coming to my live calls, this is exactly the tone and experience we are vibing with.

If you want to come to the calls/receive the learning materials but perhaps are still a little shy to join in the group setting, please do send me a message and let me know. Being inclusive is important and I will seek to align to work something out.

Sound like something you would like to experience? Send me an email! We request $40 cad registration to cover the high quality programming that comes with membership. You may reach me at The hand registration helps us keep it nice and personal. I enjoy personally welcoming people and learning what it is they are passionate about learning.

In loving and humble co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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