Dissolvong Soul Caps, Returning to Dreams, and Freedom Updates (video Update)

Feel that energy ceiling above you the last few days? It has been shifted.

Set the intention to dissolve it completely from your life. Visualize it leaving. Dance, clean, and dream it out. Do the things you have been feeling were important.

The cap is being lifted from the minds and hearts of so many who got tangled in the webs of usurped talent and creativity. Soul Essence reunification ongoing. Having your dreams return? Lots of ear ringing? This could be you. Check out this brand new yt video for more (IndiCrow Energetics, Universal Harmonics Update: Grounding Freedom, Return to Dreaming, and Ear Ringing: https://youtu.be/s7d6jpfJcmkl).

For the sharers (and all). Do not believe that nobody cares. We do. Algorithms can be used in many ways. Shift yours to your highest harmonic and keep going. This will be adjusted within a few days.

For those new to me: Soul freedom is my thing. As a gatemaster, I help get you free and get you home. Head to my youtube page for the Soul Freedom series to learn more.

On a personal note: I have been thoroughly enjoying ceremony and all related tasks on this. Feels disgusting at times but I know why and am strong. Yes. There is a lot going on. No. It will not be ending soon. As I keep saying we are at the come up. Big hugs to the crew getting this done. We are more cohesive than ever before. Mother Dragon loves you.

In Peace,

Katie IndiCrow



Living my life in peace and joy. Impenetrable to all else.

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