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Friends, this is a very good time to be mindful of what energy you put into interactions. There is old energy we recently expelled from the earth systems seeking to get back in. I can feel it oozing in and through soul cracks for those who are not yet done with their need to feel power over people.

I am sensing it coming in attention seeking behaviours, people feeling like they are entitled to some form or amount of 'time' from others (how dare they not give me what I want type of energy), EXPECTATIONS that are not based in mutual energy respect/exchange, and jealousy of skills, partners, and perceived possessions.

This is something that is very ancient. It has roots in deep, deep magick. Powerful is an understatement. The separation of this energy out of our world is now well underway. Many, many beings on and off planet have been working on this project. I share pieces of it and have been with you for years! This is the energy of the archon grid and that underpinned it. It is each of our responsibility to ensure that we do not let it back in. This is especially true for those of us who have been connected to it and or acted as agents of it it in times past, either through soul fragmentation, soul stealing, being people who made deals with this energy and it lived through us, having been manipulated by it, and/or otherwise affected/effected.

If you are one of these people: Please be mindful of your energy, intention, and actions in thought, deed, and exchange. This is in terms of what we put out there and also, what we engage in. Some examples of how we become tools of/share this energy are: Wishing ill on people, the energy of jealousy/hatred, seeking out interactions for the purpose of domination, passive aggressive manipulation to get attention, sending emails or messages that are laced with unfiltered anger or the will to hurt, saying those nasty phrases that you know could ruin a persons' self esteem. It is very easy to get caught up in the heart pounding adrenaline rush that pushes this system and to lose your thought for a moment. In that moment, you and the engagement become a gateway for that energy. This effects not only you, but also the person or people you are engaging with. Particularly if you are engaging with someone whose heart is open to you. It is very common for this energy to seek to get people where they are 'low', and then to work with that 'low' to then get in and spread like a little virus through the communication networks of those who love you.

How do you stay away from powering that old system? For one thing, do not think the thoughts. If they rise in you, stop them. When a person wrongs you, or if something comes up that you could be jealous about, do not 'curse' them. Do not feel envy for what they have or experience. That energy when expressed/experienced is like a virus. Instead, do your best to lip your thoughts to feeling happy that someone you love is getting that experience, supportive, let go of your interest in the topic, or if you really have nothing nice to feel, let go of the person. The practice of 'playing nice' to spy on people or to get something from them, or seeking interaction and support from people you are harbouring negative emotions about is a very tangly web of energy to generate. When we interact with people, a great thing we can do to self check is to ask ourselves about our motivations. What are we contributing energetically to this person, conversation, idea? What are we experiencing as we have thoughts/conversation/exchange?

Another thing we are all able to do in these situations is to have self awareness. That is in how we act towards others when initiating contact but also, in terms of knowing which contacts are going to be healthy and beneficial ones for us to engage in. I think we all have seen or felt messages come into our inboxes or pop up in our phones or feeds that we knew intuitively not to engage in. We opened it, then bam. Felt that inner shaking and confusion that comes with connecting to contacts motivated in that energy. It is VERY ok and in fact, part of the blueprint, to NOT answer or open those messages. To understand that hey, it is very possible they are connected to energies being dissolved. In many instances with this dissolving bit, the best thing we can do is not engage, not interact, not react, and keep it moving.

Much of what I am bringing up here is connected to the ongoing dissolution of the archon grid, return of the many soul fragments that powered it, and purification of our personal energy systems. These pieces are dynamic and interconnected. This is all part of the dissolving system that some people refer to as 'the matrix'. Experiencing it bubbling up in yourself is not a sign of weakness. Feeling it in communications with others does not mean they are throwaway people. It is a part of what happened on this planet and the lessons we learn as we heal this are invaluable to us as individuals as well as the collective.


I have created a number of open access materials to support people moving through this energy dissolving and purification process. Here are a few of the more recent bits!

First, I invite you to look at the image that I have connected to this post. It is an energetic representation of soul purification stream/column that you are able to wrap around yourself like a nice cozy blanket to support you at any point throughout these shifts. Envision yourself standing in the middle of the brightest white of the light and invoke it to support clearing programming, your connections to it, or any that might exist out in your field. Some of us still are dealing with it being projected by outside sources (like in the situations discussed above).This works as a little jacket for our auric fields. Wear it well!

Calling in Purified Communications: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-pjYqIh83w

Aligning Our Community: Examining Collective Wounding (big one for the interpersonal communication stuff): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-S2CNQP1g5Y&t=1243s

Purification and Veil Release: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xxois5B9PA&t=1093s

Working Through Density: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KkC4HTZNX0

Invocation of Freedom and Growth: http://www.indicrowenergetics.com/post/imbolc-invocation-of-freedom-and-growth

Choosing Reality Streams: http://www.indicrowenergetics.com/post/choosing-reality-streams

Soul Alignment and System Expansion: I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PACKAGE: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/bundles/soul-alignment-and-system-expansion

Resource Roundup: http://www.indicrowenergetics.com/post/resource-roundup

You may also feel encouraged to check out www.indicrowenergetics.com or my youtube page IndiCrow Energetics for loads more open access materials. Getting great material out there to support us in whichever moments we are in has always been a high priority to me. Looking back over the years, you will find information on everything from contact to ascension basics to kundalini to starseeds. Follow your heart and inspiration!


Sometimes, this work requires support from someone who is skilled in working these systems. Seeking out someone you trust to support you through the process and to help you with it is not a sign of weakness. On that note, a reminder that I am also now doing personal matrix unplugging/reconnection to purified source session series. There is no hard and fast formula for this type of work because each soul is different. In general, we purify the body, emotional system, and energy system, find fragments/system connects, shift out internal energy of outdated connections, then really focus on integration/free reality stream connection. It is a three week process that involves weekly sessions with me and a willingness to really be able to ground through it and trust the unravelling and replugging for you. I am wrapping up with my four current participants and am ready to begin working this through in 1:1 format as of Monday, March 2. If there is interest, I will begin a group offering that would involve chances to speak to other people having the procedure during two group calls (one on day 1, one on wrap up day).

Please note: This is an involved practice and includes multiple engagements with me and as such, registration begins at $400 USD Please contact me directly if you are interested!! IF YOU WANT TO HAVE THIS COMPLETED BEFORE EQUINOX and my next set of journeys, I would like to begin within the next ten days or so. Get in touch ASAP if you are interested. It helps me plan! (Yes, I accept payment plans. One third up front each session.)

I also am happily back to private sessions, once again. Thank you to all who were so patient with me as I supported my father through his hospitalization and crossing. I love you all so much. Check out www.indicrowenergetics.com/sessions for more on that.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

IndiCrow Energetics

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