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Discernment Update: False Flag Energy Transmissions Being Circulated

Hello, Community Fam!

Two days, ago, I personally received a false broadcast from a group identifying as a Universal Council representing collective consciousness of earth. It was very convincing. After working through my discernment checkpoints, I determined they were not who they said they were. I also determined that they did not have the support of freedom and freewill for humans or earth in their intentions.

Why Is This Being Talked About?

Because these beings were not who they said they were. They were working to gain influence through false representation. If this message made it to me, I know that it is rippling through the grids. These beings were/are looking for any source of vulnerable energy that would be willing to call in their codes and anchor them into self and grid. In short, for a channel.

I have felt this energy rippling through the collectives. Thus, this post. It is a great opportunity for us to bring up the notion of being reflexive about the messages we receive and to become aware that this even happens!!

Why Is This Happening?

Some of this is intentionally being broadcast through the dying archon system. Some of it is simply outdated mirror and echo energy being moved through as outdated timelines and control is dissolved. THIS IS NOT SOMETHING TO GET WORRIED ABOUT! As we move through these landmark milestone moments of veil lifting and power shifting, we come into the awareness of where we lacked freedom. Moments like this are important for learning and our own autonomy.

Remember. Just because we hear it does not mean it is truth. It is up to us to ask questions and to be informed about the beings we trust, the messages we listen to, and the energy we bring into this planet through our bodies. Getting informed and clear is part of our growth on the path. If this is the first time you ever thought about asking what the intention of a being contacting you was, this is an important moment in your spiritual growth. High five!


A video on Discernment and determining the voices/energy we are feeling:


Calling in Purified Communication: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-pjYqIh83w&t=219s.

Some history of the system and how it is possible that we would be hearing false/not true broadcasts/messages: https://www.indicrowenergetics.com/post/bringing-clarity-expression-on-messages-and-the-vibration-of-planetary-energetic-communication.

Pineal gland purification meditation practice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWOtz6TMzi8&t=1070s.

Karma clearing to support cutting out any outdated contracts/connection points: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-MC7STFSDE&t=1s.

Know that I do have training and support programs at the ready. Soul Care being the most comprehensive with 8 weeks of material and practices. It is available in a study now capacity. If autonomy and freedom/knowing fully what your soul sounds like is in your skillset building wishlist, this is a GREAT one for you:

If I net interest from at least 5 people, I will get together a little learning group and run it now through Christmas. It can be fun to have the ability to meet up with a group working on learning and knowing that you are moving through it together. You can look at the course and register, here. (If you would like to put your name in for the option of group meetings, please let me know!) https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/soul-care-1

With love, from your friendly neighbourhood Katie IndiCrow.

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