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Cygnus, 11:11, and Restoring the Blueprint

Greetings, friends!

This video shares about Cygnus, the 7d plus grid, and the process of defragmentation that we are working through as we prepare to activate this spectrum of reality and bring a whole lot of people into it!

The focale points are threefold:

1) I explain the significance of Cyngus as a point of creation for the human blueprint. This is the first time I have spoken publically about how we worked in Petra as an intersection zone of this project that was happening within/outside of timelines. The overlay that came to be known as Atlantis and later on, control of the energy system through Orion came into play.

A big part of what we are doing right now is removing and restoring certain codes that became obstructed during this overlay experiment. This includes the wounding we have been discussing at Petra in recent broadcasts.

2) From here, we move into the discussion about karma, energy buildup, and how patterns of turning against one another were intentionally created. Energetic deflection in the face of discordant energy, sleepers, and lack of personal accountability (willingness to ask 'is this within me, even if I feel completely innocent') has contributed to longstanding wounds in the spiritual community. They have also thwarted our coming together in order to reclaim our sovereignty.

3) Moving into 11:11 (and beyond), a huge piece of our work is to release these patterns from our blueprint so that we do not carry them over into our next vibrational reality spectrum. We CAN do this! The current influxes and the work we will be doing over the next few weeks are going to be essential. Look at ourselves and one another with love and understand: Many of our worst wounds were programmed into happening. We CAN release them.

*Gatekeepers, gridworkers, and other agents of creation: Check out the last ten minutes of the broadcast. There is a message we most especially need to hear. It is time to forgive.*

To access the purification video, click here: https://youtu.be/4xxois5B9PA

I also have lots of great material available at IndiCrow Academy to support your connection to autonomy including this session which I highly recommend: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/soul-unification-understanding-alignment-learning-session

Here also is the link to our 11:11 and Lead up Event landing zone: https://www.facebook.com/events/669191170155834/.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

Thank you so much to the community members who support me on an ongoing basis. Your financial contributions, words of loving support, shares, and funny emails are so well received. I love you. I gratefully receive financial contributions to keep this going to: paypal.me/KatieIndiCrow

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