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Crow's Nest (Replay): Dissolving Timelines and Creating New Realities with Lion's Gate

Hey, Y'all!!

We continue on into our seasonal transition experience into Lion's Gate. As part of our sharing, You may have felt extremely strong heart, crown, earth star, and third eye expansions last evening.

I am re-sharing this conversation that was hosted with Todd Medina last year as part of the Lion's Gate lead up because it shares candidly about what energetic transition creates space for in us. Laughs about WTF moments, self reflection, and honest life experiences shared throughout. I like these conversations a lot because they humanize the big language. They take ascension to the streets to those little moments when we lose our keys or want to kick a garbage can as inner emotions are being pulled out. This is ascension. Being real and being honest and allowing yourself to love and laugh at yourself through the process.

I love how Todd asks, "Is this going to happen again, isn't there a way that we can avoid it?" and I said,

"Nope. But we can get better at it! We can learn to recognize these waves and work with them."

If you recall my post of two days ago sharing about how we had returned to the karmic debris shifting, so too have we returned to great levels of emotional clearing and PATH SETTING opportunities like were discussed in this awesome broadcast.

A highlight that I would like to point out is an exercise that I recommended which is: Write out 5 things that are important to you. (Find this at mid point.) This is a gateway beginning point. Many of us have moved through these cycles of growth together and we know how to work with it and support the earth through it. If you are brand new to these concepts, I have been doing public education about it for several years now. Check out my youtube page IndiCrow Energetics or my blog www.indicrowenergetics.com. There are all kinds of skills videos and also descriptions/explanations of what I am sharing about in here and so much more.


I have been taking the last almost 24 hours to accept and move through my own personal energy transition (YAY!) and will be back with some new material in a day or two. This is a profound time of the year for me because I have had very close ties with parts of Sirius and many of the civilizations that were (are) connected to it. Taking this opportunity to work with the purified codes and to ensure I have taken care of me, my soul, and my own alignments gets me in the stead required to be here in the supportive and collaborative role I get to share with all of you. This is also the series of moments when I am getting to select the alignments that I will be creating between now and Christmas.

I recommend that if you have not yet created space to receive and celebrate upgrades, that you do so! A second example of how you are able to do this is is little exercise that we did in March about planting seeds for our own personal growth! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GLPdZqRZ0E&t=2s


In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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