CREATING A Wave of Feeling Good

#feelgoodchallenge. An invitation to brighten up our internet spaces with a big ole wave of self care today.

What do you do to feel good? Is there a song? Practice? Place you go walking? Whatever it is you do to feel good, let us get it out there. Share it to your email group, your friends, colleagues, listeners, list-serve. However you communicate comfortably! This is up to you!!

Did seeing me knitting to disco cheer you up? Your happiness has that power, too! Spread it in song, art, video, text. It all works!

Feeling good can go viral!

Feel welcomed to copy and paste this text (or not). My point is to get more good out there. Why? Underneath all the crazy is a lovely self development energy. We connect to it when we do what nurtures and nourishes our soul. By doing what makes us feel great!


Katie IndiCrow

@crowmedicine on tele.

Living my life in peace and joy. Impenetrable to all else.

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