Cosmic Update! Another Curve in the Spiral

Cosmic Update! Another Curve in the Spiral

Hello, Fam!

Another day in our journey together. We are working through some pretty magnificent cosmic frequency integration, this week. As you can imagine, I have been in focus and concentration. This is so my jam! I come here to offer you an update in points, some music, and then will bop back out to continue on.

Main Points of Focus Have Been/Are:

We have been successful snapping in multiple parts of the structural upgrades. Universal sweeps in progress.

Continuing on successfully shaving out the BS of power, masks, and control from this reality spectrum. Multiple threads at a time.

New alliances formed. I have personally journeyed to places that I have never accessed. That says something. Thank you to those who have taken me to their home realms and dimensions. I appreciate and recognize the honour you have shown me.

We continue on clearing out distortion being communicated with intention through the human heart grid from key sites known to connect with it. This has been going on for some time. The purified blueprint is created and is put into the system. PLEASE NOTE: At this point, the whole thing is just a looping system and I have personally visited to and knocked out several of the main feeders. Those powering it will continue to do so no doubt for some time.Keywords that you will notice distortion agents build into their efforts as part of the 5d trap : Christed. Magdalene. Rose. Grail.Templar. Please also note that these words have had great meaning to many of us and that includes me. There are people in our community who prey on our connection to them for their own gain. I was part of the original plan and have traveled the entirety of the Rose line, helping unhinge the old power sucking that was connecting to it. There was a dedicated team co-creating on that. You will notice that many of us who used to share about this work have stopped doing so. It is not because we lost interest. It is because it ended and we were successful. The 12 strand plus was activated, the souls got where they needed to, and the children are being born in droves. Congratulations and thank you to those co-creators. (I detailed the entire journey so if you have been around a while, you know what I mean. Check out my blog and youtube pages from say, mid-2017 to March or June 2018 for more on that.)

Seeking support on the heart purification? Click here for an exercise and some more support on that:

More souls on the move. Active dream time for many as their soul fragments and pieces return to them from journeys and/or being connected to and/or stuck in other realities. STRONG integration period for many. (I will be speaking about that today on Metaphysical Meltdown with Mari Beckman at 11 am PST, 3 pm ADT. Check us out on her FB page.)

Embodiment of the new reality stream/dimensional vibe setting for people who experienced timeline shifts and expansion these past two weeks. A lot of people feeling groggy/weird as part of that. Untethered is a great word for it. Tethering/forming alignment/living in your new reality stream requires action, patience, and can feel baby deer like. Dancing, aligning to your new frequency stream with intention, taking new steps are all part of bringing it into and living it through your body (which is what embodiment means). See this recent video for more:

Extending a note of GOOD HUSTLE to my friends and co-creators. We have faced some challenging moments in these past few weeks. I am especially impressed with the build crews. Fantastically, humbly, thoroughly done creation happening in this and other dimensions. It has been fun.

Music wise, I am vibing with Cosmic Dancer this am:

Thanks to all doing their best. That truly is always going to be enough.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow


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