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Cosmic Conversations: Hearing Stars and Planets Speak

A learning experience on stars and planetary consciousness facilitated by Katie IndiCrow

Greetings, friends!

Many years ago, I was receiving a reading when the person said to me, "The stars are speaking to you. Can you hear them?"

I thought wow, that sounds very interesting. But how do I do that?

Over the years, I realized that I had always been in that conversation. The skill was realizing that it was happening and learning how to speak back! Many of us are and always have been involved in this sacred conversation whether we knew it or not. As cosmic beings, by nature of our creation we have always been in contact with stars, planets. We have also always been able to feel the flow of their power as we come into and go out of alignment with them. A big piece of our ascension journey and returning to our understanding of universal connection is remembering and reconnecting to this.

The importance of astrology as a way to understand who we are and astrological alignments as a way to understand cosmic happenings are both once again gaining widespread recognition as valuable sources of knowledge. In this offering, we examine the exciting topic of how stars (and planets) are able to speak to us and what we here on earth are able to do to tune into that divine conversation.

Taking a different yet complementary approach to astrology, this offering is unique in that it focuses on how planets and stars speak to us, how we are able to understand what they are saying, and how we are currently purifying and upgrading our connections to their frequencies as part of planetary and universal ascension. Taking an ascension based focus, I treat the stars and planets (and the beings from them) as representing specific values and lessons in the universe.

Section 1: Stars and Planets as Consciousness

A rousing discussion on how our cosmic system works. Taking an ascension perspective, I speak about stars and planets as representing forms of consciousness and lesson for integration. This conversation includes how planets and stars 'speak' through energy.

Section 2: Identifying Who is Speaking With You and How To Hear Them

This section focuses on how we are able to recognize when a planet and/or star is speaking with us. This includes happenings like waking up at night, the way star/planet proximity brings our interest to particular topics, and how how related themes come up in our lives to work through/understand.

Section 3: Researching and Understanding Stars and Planets in the Context of Cosmic Development

There is a rich and complex history of star and planet interaction recorded throughout human history. This section is all about how we are able to work with myth, legend, various forms of constellation histories, and our own inner knowing/sacred knowledge.

Section 4: Group Call and Discussion

(2 hour call where we will be doing exercises focused on which stars/planets spoke to you! This will be an afternoon of grounding our knowledge.)

The section is a group call where we get to come together and share dynamic conversation about the stars and planets we have been learning about throughout the offering. There will be lots of time for question and answer and I will be pleased to share direct and personally oriented guidance/feedback based on the stars/planets/experiences that participants have!

Dates: The offering and full material base will be made available on Friday, October 18. The group call will take place either November 10 or 17 depending on group availability and readiness.

As opposed to releasing the components week by week, I will be releasing the 3 sections of learning material at once to you. I am doing it this way so that those who are better off consuming all components of information up front and then returning through the material week by week through exercises are able to do so. I will be doing weekly exercises and administering group discussion week to week based on the sections to expand on the themes and stimulate conversation around them.

Google classroom learning group space and participation is included in this offering!

Exchange: The exchange for this offering is $177- $222 cad. I am happy to receive payment plans (so long as exchange is levelled out by course conclusion). If this is something that you have a strong interest in and are not quite able to make that exchange, please let me know. If we are aligned, I routinely have scholarship spots available. This is a community built on learning and I do not exclude people based on finances.

To reserve your space: Please contact me at katieindicrow@gmail.com. I will be setting up our classroom space and getting us sorted into it as we go!

I am excited for this!!!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

Photo by Dino Reichmuth on Unsplash

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