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Community Meeting: Lion's Gate and late August Co-Creation and Beyond

*An information session focused on Lion's Gate pocket trajectory and potential. I will also be laying the foundation for what we work on after that into late August/early September*

Hello, friends!

I am pleased to announce that I am hosting a community call on Monday, July 29. We will begin at 6 pm ADT (2 PST, 4 CST, 5 EST, 22 h UK, early am AUS. You may type in the province NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA or the city HALIFAX here to calculate otherwise https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html).

My intention in hosting this meeting is to do my best to support people connecting to this passage of transformation. There is a lot going on with personal and planetary adjustments that is new and different (but also similar and in relation to) what we have been working on up until this point. I am doing it this way because there are so many exciting potentials and pieces of information to share and I would like to experience the joy of getting to deliver it live. I also love doing calls because our co-creation and togetherness is important and fun. It is nice to share smiles and space and to interact in the manner these calls take shape.

This is a really important next 6 months of our planetary transformation. As a community, we have been preparing for this for years. A main theme of my sharing and the skills capacity videos and activities I have been organizing has been to help all who were willing to develop their skill sets and to support their soul journey. Examples of this are activities like our public ceremonies, the book Connecting In, our Peace Project, the Global Tree Network, and our continued support of creation in various forms. A big reason for me calling us together is that I want to take a few moments and celebrate just how many skills we have built, and to remind you just how much you do know and have to contribute, and also to say that I really love getting to be here with all of you and doing this. Thank you.

Building on this thank you and review, a second major theme will be to give gateway updates and to let you know a bit about the community tasks we will be co-creating. I will be hosting ceremony (as always) and of course, preparing and sharing in Love Wave and my main post IndiCrow Energetics. There will often be shout outs for contribution 'in the now', like I did yesterday. In addition to that, I will be bringing us together for group co-creation activities on August 8 and 12 (likely one in video form and one as a call).

My position as a gatemaster puts me in alignment with the bringing in, harmonizing, and sharing ascension information, in particular in relation to the grids, karma as a thing of the past, crystalline ascension pathways, and adjustment from personal, planetary and galactic perspectives. Figuring out how to understand things and anchor it into our codes is just one bit. Part of my sacred task is to get as much of it out there as possible as well as to bring people together. I am ready to receive invitations to speak to community groups, appear as a guest on an interview or podcast, and also to co-create with other branches of our community. I am also welcoming and inviting forms of community collaboration. It is my joy to share and align with those here creating with love, from the heart. We are an amazing group.

Finally, I will also be updating about upcoming training opportunities to prepare for. Astrals training, gridwork of intro and level 2 options, andaras, and how to manage an expanding energy body that is highly sensitive to environments (empath enjoyment). Everything I offer is in alignment with what is required for ascension and what we as a collective are working on at any given time. People will be welcomed to ask questions.

Where to Access

This call will be hosted on zoom.us. If you do not have an account there, head on over and get a free version. I like to link 'live' or relatively close to the call for energetic purity and clarity. As a result, I will be releasing access on call day. This will be done as a post through my website (www.indicrowenergetics.com), in Love Wave, as well as on IndiCrow Energetics on FB. You may sign up for my email list, join the group, or give my page a like to stay in touch.

This is a community session and as such, is open access. I am not requesting formal exchange to participate. If you are in a space to share contribution, I would gratefully receive. Putting on something like this series of events that I do every few months requires a lot of focus. I lovingly receive donations of any size (paypal.me/KatieIndiCrow or katieindicrow@gmail.com if in Canada working with etransfer). I also happily welcome contributions like volunteers to help coordinate with their communities/to share/to create in various forms. I am doing planetary and galactic creation around the clock through these seasons. This task is but one of many and I have to do the other ones in order to be able to pull through and integrate all the cool stuff we work on together. I appreciate the support of people stepping in and doing what they can when they can. It makes a huge difference. We can speak more about that at the call! Please feel encouraged to come with ideas

I am so excited about this season.

I love getting to be here and sharing it with you.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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