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Hello, friends!

I made this video to share about an exciting project: Reviving and updating my open access digital library! The vision is to create an all ages, open access, easy to work with website that is the home of my skills and training videos!

Some of you may remember that I piloted this project two years ago. As I explain in the video, that had to be put on hold. Now that we have entered into this brand new phase of our development, it feels important to get the library sorted, updated, and back in good working order.

As we all understand, website design and hosting does cost money and take time. I am welcoming community support from those who are able and feel inspired to send in energetic and/or financial support to be able to take a few days now into next week to get this thing up and running!

I made this video to share a little more about me, my background, why I am requesting support, and how I would ground it in action. Being transparent is important. It also helps us understand the various components of what it means to create community. For me, getting awesome open access information out there in easy to understand format is a big one.

The project energy is the first three and last four minutes. The narrative and creative flow into it is discussed throughout the entirety. I know that some of us are stimulated differently, so here are the time markers!

My paypal address is The website can be viewed here (under construction as of Monday!!): Thank you so much for being such an inspiring community. My love for you is a huge component of what keeps me going!

In loving co-creation,

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