COMMUNITY CALL/Equinox Week Prep Happening tomorrow at 10 am

Hello, friends!

I am hosting an impromptu community call tomorrow morning. It has been some time since I got us together for one. I believe since before solstice. Wow!

With everything lifting off as it is in these moments, it feels like a great opportunity to get together, share updates on #kids2 and our global energy shift, Equinox, disclosure, kundalini upgrading/expansions many people are experiencing and whatever else comes up as important for us to discuss.

I am not requesting any formal registration fee for this one. Though I would gratefully receive support by way of gift/donation from those who are able.

The call will be happening around 10 am ADT, tomorrow. It will be happening on I anticipate it will last 60-90 minutes. Maybe more. We will see how the flow goes. I will be posting the access link tomorrow morning on my personal blog, I highly recommend signing up for the email list to make sure you get it!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

Lighting Up Our Communities: Round 1 TUESDAY:

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