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Collective Alignment Update: Balancing Intimate Relations

Hey, friends!

We are still working on the distortions that were involved in a lot of our sexual and sacred relations. One of the themes that is sticking out big time for me is bringing balance and understanding to that vengeance energy that comes with being hurt and/or being used and/or having our relational egos rubbed the wrong way.

So many times throughout human history of sexual relations in the narratives I am working through, we have seen people using one another in the context of dating and sexual relations. This pain can run deep, as we are often our most vulnerable in these interactions. The humiliation of being used, dropped, manipulated and/or any combination of the three has been felt by many in our community.

Concepts like ghosting, non-consensual non-monogamy (aka cheating), using people as 'side pieces' and leading them to believe they are the only one, emotional manipulation, lining up partners and playing them against one another, and being intentionally dishonest in order to gain personal gain are energies all up for review right now. So too are actions like a person engaging in relations, taking what they want physically and emotionally from a partner and then dropping them with little remorse or reclaim. We are also working with imbalances created in situations where people use their physical attractiveness and supposed relationship potential/intentions as a way to get things like money, a place to stay, and energetic release.

One of the big ones that I am working on holding space for within all of this is the ways that those of us who have been hurt by these actions have allowed them to colour our patterns of interaction. Lack of trust, man/woman hating, and a belief that a sex or gender is 'less than' or 'all untrustworthy' or are 'all this or that' based on these patterns is also being shifted. The energy of wanting to 'balance' the playing field by 'getting even' or 'showing them' or 'making them pay' for hurting me has been a huge rift underlying disharmonious interactions is very much at the forefront of that.

Building Balanced Relations

One of the best ways that we can support this shift is to engage in consent based, honest, and balanced relational encounters. This means being honest with our partners (real and potential) about our intentions and speaking up when or if they change. Want to get to know a person and think you have feelings for them that are romantic at one point and then they change? Tell them. They will be ok.

This involves practicing safe sexual interactions that include a consideration of the energy exchange that goes on in intimacy. This of course includes things like condoms, but also involves being honest with partners about having other partners. Taking the time to clear and align your energy field before connecting for kissing, cuddling, and penetration makes sure that you are clear and ready and not passing emotions from you or other partners on.

Seeking partners that work for you is also important. Believe it or not,there are a lot of us out there who are ready to have these loving, energy aware, conscious connections with one another. I know that sometimes it can get lonely. We find ourselves in a desert where unsuitable partners (or none at all) come into our alignments. In these moments, I know that some of us go to that state of poor me, believing that we will always be alone. If we get into that mindset, we are certainly going to create that situation. Even though it can be hard, it is so important to keep our hearts open. Setting intentions based on the qualities and characteristics you are seeking is a great way to create alignments.

Being honest about your needs and desires is also super important. If you require more than one partner, no problem. Let people know. There are a lot of us in the world who are very supportive of that. Have a kink you would like to explore but feel ashamed? Expressing it and being heard with love is a wonderful way to be supported in embracing that side of you. Better to speak that honestly and give the chance of a lover to accept than to create more pain/shame/guilt that comes with some of the behaviours people engage in when we hide these parts.

Also, basically not being an asshole and treating people with respect really works.

Sending so much love out there to the people involved in clearing up this mess and also co-creating the blueprint where we love and relate in respect. We can and are doing this!

Please feel free to share. This is a community resource.

More from me soon!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

For more information on the collective clearing of which this is a part, please check out this post: http://www.indicrowenergetics.com/post/aligning-our-community-examining-collective-wounding

This image was recorded as I was calling forth energies related to this in the collective to be cleared. This fallen tree friend who blew down during Dorian helped me immensely and I send them thanks for holding space with me and for the planet.

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