Clearing Our Collective: Fear Codes Being Adjusted

: I am sharing a quick update to say that I am holding much space for the release of fear, lack of feeling safe energy. The words ringing through that part of the clearing last night were jarring.

I am so scared. I just want to live. I want this to end.

Love to the people working on embodying those codes as they were imprinted on blueprinters.

So much pain is being shifted and released. I envision myself like an energy container, letting it flow through and out as I hold the frequency of peace, love, and feeling secure.

These are foundational parts of the collective clearing process and even through it is so

so so hard sometimes, it is well worth it.

We are also moving much to do with the energy of sexual and relational manipulation. Sex, sexuality, and romance remain heavily distorted for large portions of our collectives. That too, is changing.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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