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Choosing Reality Streams

Hello, hello!

\We have just a whole slew of people grounding into their new reality streams this week. This is part of how we learn to live in our new vibrational experience. How to adjust to our expanding senses (and how they work). To align with where and what we are to be working on. To build. To grow.


here are multiple distinct reality streams in flow at this moment. Think of them as little bandwiths that people are working within to figure things out. As part of our adjustment series, you will notice that there are some very specific energy bands up for 'review' (which in the context of what we are doing right now, equates to transfiguration, adjustment, and release). Some of these streams are working through ideas like war or remuneration. Others are purifying soul group lines and/or making peace through the karma sparks that came about in the last month. These experiences are important to bringing about that balance and understanding that our future as a peace-based species will benefit greatly from. Just as many of us have found that space within ourselves, so too are these beloved souls. It feels very 'testy' and tense in these streams, today. It is alright to take your space and to focus on yourself as this all happens. In fact, it works very well.

There are also growing numbers of people playing in the peace based reality streams that are thriving! These hold immense creative potential. They are like bands of pink and blue ribbons that you step into and feel flowing with the power of waterfalls and the love of a growing collective. They are available to anyone who is ready to live and embody that experience. The more, the merrier. That is for certain.

Many people reading this post will be aware of multiple streams happening at the same time. The one that you focus on and pull in through your daily practice/alignments is the one that you are going to experience. There may be moments during the day (or night, or dreamtime) that come up where you will be given very specific choicepoints. The vibration you align yourself with in these moments is your stepping stone.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS WILL KEEP HAPPENING AS WE SHIFT STREAMS FOR A NUMBER OF MONTHS/YEARS. Getting to know and work with this process is to our advantage. All too often in the energy community I see people running around in circles proclaiming they know nothing about what is going on, yet I know they do because they discussed it in a different context the week before. There seems to be in many instances, a 'block' from being able to apply well developed knowledge in a multitude of contexts. I get the feeling that this is the year the veil in this community on application of knowledge is finally shifting!!!! YAY!

The crossing process (through the streams) is where a lot of us come into the little bits and bobs within ourselves like little energy remnants or outdated karmic agreements/soul contracts that are ready to go. It is a sign you are on the right track if you come to these opportunities. As per my video on narrative earlier this week, how we interpret these moments is a huge part of how we experience our flow.

I invite all who feel called to help support powering up these reality streams. Lighting the paths for the souls ready to go. Being purposeful reality seed planters, knowing that all those little interactions we are having with the earth and one another each day are all HUGE building blocks. Every thought counts.

Click here for the video on narrative referenced in text: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6HocHYdCPA&t=1s

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

If you would like to connect to support materials on this, please note Karma Clearing 1 and 2 on IndiCrow Academy is available now. They have some pretty nifty tools and application information that are highly user friendly.

Also please note that I am cohosting a kundalini support alignment/surgery session with Iris next week. We are welcoming participants! Click here for more information: http://www.indicrowenergetics.com/post/ready-to-go-deep-february-community-calls-training-and-alignment-activities

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