Celebrating Cycles of Venus and Our Journey to 2021

Hello, friends!

December, 2020. We made it!! Congratulations to all of us who have been here doing it. The Cycle of Venus that we have lived since 2012 has been challenging, rewarding, and significant. Great job to those of us who were brave and courageous enough to come here and blueprint the awakening process.

If you are reading this you are part of that group.

(This post summarizes a video message that is linked at the bottom of text. Scroll down for that!)

As we make our way into 2021, we will be experiencing major energy upgrades and transformations in our systems. Systematically, we are working through a 12 earth chakra energy upgrade that is designed to support the free earth energy system. Heart, head, bowels, chest. We feel the energy moving through us as we are aligned/updated/connected back to the planet and or wake them up the first time. More on this process can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5i9ImnUtxzc&t=12s.

Many of us have noticed people in our lives beginning to 'wake up' but they are not necessarily 'on the path' as we had been. This is significant. The reason many of us came down here to blueprint was to work out the intentional enslavement placed into this system. We believed in their freedom. We also support this planet as a sentient being who prefers to operate at a much higher harmonic than 3d density where it was trapped. This planet is now in freedom and so are its people. We are currently dissolving everything not that.

Trust and participate in this process. Even and most especially when we are not able to see it happening.

As for the planetary transition support, in the video message that this post summarizes, I recommended a meditation called 'Honouring our Ancestors' that you may find here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXLZ5YL5U1s&t=2210s.

If you work on this planet, please be responsible about it. Major distortion is seeking out people who are easily fooled. Do not be one of them. Discernment is key. Seeking training? I have material ready to go.

As far as community support, I remain here with us. We will be continuing with focused intent gatherings and activities. I will most certainly hold a solstice event. These gatherings are fun and also, significant to support our planet.

This season I will be leading us through 'Journey into 2021' as a fun way that we are able to work through these huge shifts with humour, tools that work, and fun. Nobody has to show up to any call gathering if they do not like to, that is just something I do as 'value added'. I have noticed my generosity in hosting calls 'for fun' has been seen as something people are missing out on so if they do not like calls they do not come. This training is designed for you to study on your own if that is your choice. Together is fun. Email me at katieindicrow@gmail.com to get enrolled in that.

Patreon community is here: https://www.patreon.com/KatieIndiCrow. As for the planetary transition support, I recommended a meditation called 'Honouring our Ancestors' that you may find here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXLZ5YL5U1s&t=2210s.

Thanks to all for being part of this journey with me. It has been fun. To more in our highest harmonic!

Created in peace and shared with love,

Katie IndiCrow



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