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Celebrating 2020: Gateway Announcements!

Hello, friends!

Tomorrow morning at 10 am AST, I will be co-creating an open access cosmic womb alignment with beloved Iris Adema. That will be happening through my FB live at that time and will be circulated on youtube and through the various community channels immediately afterward. The purpose of this practice is to support soul strand connection through the cosmic rebirthing process. We will help those who are ready walk through and/or understand that process through our work. We anticipate the journey lasting 40 minutes to an hour. We will do what is in the highest vibrational alignment for all.

To prepare: Fast and/or eat healthy food. Prepare your home to be cozy and comfortable. Allow yourself to drink lots of water.

Those not able to attend live, it is being recorded so you can get to it as works with your alignments.


I am also VERY EXCITED to share about my new program. It is called "Celebrating 2020: 12 Months to ME!". I get a lot of positive feedback from my little toolkits and meditation practices. I also LOVE hosting our group calls where we share from the heart and community members get to know one another and make friends. This offering is a fusion of those two beloved activities nestled within the knowing that 2020 is a huge year with a lot of creative and developmental potential. Getting a group of us together to walk through it together feels very good to me.

What you get: Each month, there will be ongoing energy commentary. The material that we work with will be based on what is 'current' in our fields and alignments. It will include a monthly meditation practice, monthly tools to work with, and a monthly call. I am hosting a community discussion space where participants can stay in touch with one another and I can keep pumping in related materials to help link it all together.

JANUARY is all about endings and beginnings. We start off with our gateway end of an epoch tools. Registrants get access to those right now. This weekend, after eclipse, I will be adding a new practice that is designed in the 'new' energy. It will be focused on helping stabilize in the new vibrational realities! Our group call for this month will be January 25/26 at 10 am AST.

To register: You may access on a month to month basis. Those registering for 6 or 12 months do get a tuition discount. Feel free to choose the option that works best for you! Please feel free to reach out in personal email if you would like to propose an alternate course of action or exchange.

If you are not able to commit to a year, no problem. It is month to month for that reason. You may join later on or come and go as you please. I believe in flow and support you in yours. I do recommend getting involved from the beginning to get in to our flow! To gain access to my new program, click here!!!!: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/2020-12-months-to-me

Again, so excited about this 12 month journey.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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