Caretaking for Caretakers: An Alignment/Support Workshop

aretaking for Caretakers: An Alignment/Support Workshop: Monday, July 27, 10 am adt to 12:45 pm adt (7 participants for this round)

Hello, friends!

I have been feeling the gentle nudge to begin expanding the way I do things. This includes bringing together different groups of people, responding to new threads of who is calling, and what I am inspired to share.

DATE: Monday, July 27 at 10 am adt. We will wrap up by 12:45 pm ADT.

INTENTION: I am feeling strongly to call together caretakers in our community for an energy alignment/support session. It would be me doing the energy work/alignment.

WHO ARE CARETAKERS? This could people who are communiy mammas like me (in physical or digital space), people who are in a position where they are giving a lot of themselves/their time/their energy toward the care of others. Parents, spaceholders, and people working in the astrals.

Why am I doing this? My intention is twofold. Primarily, I would be acting as spaceholder and aligner. I would like to brng participants together to do some auric field and soul repair. Ensure astral space/strategy is supporting us. Secondly, I think it is important for those of us who deal with holding space to fill the cup and to keep doing that as part of our journey.

Basically, this is like a 'touch up' for your soul/energy body as a way to help serve yourself as you support your community/family/peeps. It also a focused opportunity to design an upgraded and updated soul/self care plan that will keep you thriving as you hold it down for you and the others around us.

VISION: I would like to begin with a group of five to seven people. This allows me to connect with each of us for specific alignments, creates opportunity for reflexive conversation, and keeps the group nice and intimaten (happy to do multiple groups should this 'catch on).

TIME: Monday, July 27 at 10 am - 1 pm ADT. This will include private alignment/support activity (from me). This will include tools to adapt in practice and personal focus activities to really hone in on new/specialized care acitivites/energy leaks/alignment potentials within our fields.

REGISTRATION: Email me directly at to let me know if you would like to be part of this. Please note I am keeping the group small. Requesting $111-155 cad for my facilitation/group work. This will take skill from me, which I am willing and happy to share.

FORM: I facilitate personal alignment practices in each participant. We will work through alignment and boundary activities/communication in a group, however, there will be ample time for self reflection/soul sparking. Each participant gets 'break out' time with me. Each will receive several support exercises. We will create a soul/self care plan to help us keeping high vibe and flowing in the process of shifting harmonics and global integration.


I respect and value how much trust many of you put in me. I field quite a few emails/support request messages in this and other dimensions. I am here and ready to ground this in this realm, now. Doing it this way helps us meet one another (building community) and also honours the effort/energy I put into these activities.


I have been feeling into this one for a while. I am ready to support the supporters. After we get the initial workshop series going, I am pleased to even hold space for a monthly meeting circle for us.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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