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Greetings, friends!

I am extremely excited to make this announcement!!!

As of December 10, 2019, I am opening up a 6 month intensive training program. This program will be focused on providing the space for participants to develop well rounded and in depth knowledge of the major processes that are occurring on the earth as we transform and caretake for this planet (and one another) in this now. I am not sure that I will be repeating this opportunity. I strongly encourage those feeling inspired by it to strike while the iron is hot.

One of the most important parts of the training that I offer is that it is focused on supporting you connecting to, identifying, and expanding your growing skill set. We are each here with a unique soul frequency and set of interests and experiences. My method is all about helping you identify, work with, and consistently align and expand your energy body, knowledge of self/soul, and skillset. By working through this material, you will have a strong and flexible understanding of how to connect to, unify, and work directly in align with your soul so you may enter into that deep and sacred conversation for the rest of your life.

I have opened up this extensive training program for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it is because I know that people are ready to go deep, to make friends, to share experiences, and to do the very best they can for this planet. Second, I love getting to know and work with people and the joy that comes with hosting monthly calls and holding classroom space. Third, I have sacred knowledge that I would like to pass on that requires us to build a relationship of trust and friendship. The personal communication and interaction, the 1:1 support of the monthly meetings, and being able to get to know one another in these learning groups is the type of foundation from which I feel this is best done.


A huge part of why I am feeling inspired to bring this all together is that taking care of our planet is a multifaceted, multilayered, rapidly changing and dynamic process. I know that there are some awesome souls out there who are ready to take their craft to the next level. This program and the loving support I am prepared to provide throughout sharing this experience with you is my best way of supporting those who are ready to do just that.

The offering is comprised of learning units that explore different yet complementary parts of the energy identification, skills development, and cosmic co-creation. These are the foundational pieces that I have created. The premise of offering this learning journey and experience is to help ensure that we are ready, on point, and creating from our highest potential. The togetherness that comes from being part of a learning group and the joy that comes from our monthly meetings and the relationships developed throughout will help power and inspire our co-creation for years to come. We spark a lot in each other.

Please note that we will have monthly meetings as well as an ongoing discussion group through which I will be posting weekly points for reflection and conversation. If there happens to be a lot of interest in the program, I will host biweekly digital meetings to be as accessible as possible. The point here is to be able to get together. I will plan timing in alignment with who participates and their range of timezones!!!

December 10, 2019: I AM: Timelines, Intention Setting and How Our Internal Worlds Serve as Doorways through Which to Understand intentions and our tasks. This is also excellently timed because we will be moving into a timeline shift. This offering gives you the baseline, in depth process of moving through timeline adjustments and creating your new pathway in depth. Applying it during this gateway within the context of this training program will give you the chance to get that dynamic knowledge into play at once whilst also having me and the other participants to share the experience with.

I am is an important piece for many reasons. First of which is that it gives us that look at the inner world that ultimately becomes our doorway into the various forms of creation work that we become involved with.

*If you have already taken I AM, you will be welcomed to take EMBODIMENT in its stead. Those of you who are keen are welcomed to start I AM now. They will then be able to move into Embodiment the second part to that offering when we begin on December 10.*

Mid-January, 2020 GRIDWORK 1.2: This will be a two month experience where participants are introduced to the baseline method of earth communication, personal alignment, and skills activation that are the hallmark of my method. A big focus of this program is to support you connecting to and expanding your skillsets and identifying what your unique contribution is to each and every creation situation you find yourself in. This includes brand new material about the ever changing and awakening gridstructures of earth.

Having learned to hear your body ship in I AM, stepping into this gridworking program you will realize how what you learned through that process of personal timeline and energy shifting is precisely also how that works for the planet. Having taken the time to learn your personal alignments, you are then able to step into performing the planetary pieces with much more precision and skill.

Mid-March, 2020: EMBODIMENT: Building from gridwork 1.2 and I AM, this piece takes us deep into a more in depth look at timelines, karma, and how collective energy fields work. Have you wanted to know more about how to work with the collective and where you are able to connect your day to day life into that expansive field with knowingness and intention to sharpen your work and increase your efficiency/impact? This four week installment shows you how.

*If you have already studied Embodiment as part of the lead up or in your earlier IndiCrow studies, I have some alternate materials that are complementary that I will make available to flesh out the program and support your acceleration. What you are most highly aligned to and ready for at the time will be the direction we go. This is about getting you the tools that are going to support your development in its highest vibrational iteration. Between now and March, I will have developed at least two other courses and will be happy to include the ones that make sense as an option here.*

Mid-April: CODING: This is a practical application class for people who are ready to work more on the specific art of coding here on this planet. We are working through a huge phase of unification and building of the integrated grid system in the coming years. The ability to recognize what you are doing in the case of coding through the human blueprint and the grid system of this planet are focale points. This offering is one that I keep behind closed doors and share with those who are ready to honour it.

Who is a great candidate?: A person who is signing up with the intention of learning how to creatively contribute to this planet in alignment with their highest vibrational potential. Someone who is ready to take responsibility for themselves, feels passionately about developing their craft, who is ready to have some fun with learning. I welcome people from all spectrums, so long as they join with peace and love in their hearts. If you are newly coming here to earth, these skillsets will get you connected. Quick. (So long as you do the work.) If you are practicing for some time, these tools are very helpful for you to up your game as well as to learn from one of the main architects of ascension about how we do things. I am ready to share my knowledge with the caretakers of new earth and to take you under my wing. To offer educational support. To be here for you consistently as you go through this accelerated development.

Tuition: Access to this program is $1333 CAD which breaks down to approximately $222 CAD each month. I happily receive monthly installments. I also happily will provide a discount to you if you want to join in this program but have already taken one of these courses. I know that my learning journeys are a lot of fun and that one or two of you have worked in one or two of these courses and want to get in on the whole enchilada. You are welcomed and will be treated in fairness.

As with everything I offer, if you feel like this is a program that you are fit to and tuition is not seeming possible. Reach out. Money is not going to be a barrier to your training. *This is not an invitation to play out lack programming.* If we are in high vibrational alignment and I feel you are ready, you will be welcomed. I will require a little bit of help administering this. Perhaps we can line something up!

Please email me directly at katieindicrow@gmail.com to speak to me about registration! Also, if you would like to get started on I AM right now in preparation to the program, you may access it right here, right now: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/i-am

I am truly excited to get to share this experience and opportunity with you.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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