Calling in Creativity (video practice) (email link not working head straight to site to view)

Hello, friends!

First: Sorry about the linking through the email list on the blog. Something is going on with my hosting site that is beyond my control with re-directing. I have put in several service requests. They are working on it today!!! Hopefully it will get sorted out now :).

Thank you to those who let me know about this issue. Thank you also for sticking with me through it!!! To view: Just come straight to the site. I am not asking you to pay for anything.

It is with great joy that I bring you this video update.

It contains 2 main components:

1) A personal practice to call forth and align to our highest harmonics as we move into this brand new season.

The affirmations we worked with were:

I call forth and connect to my unique soul essence.

I call forth and connect to my unique soul sound and frequency.

I align with my highest harmonic pathway of communication, connection, and life I align with peace, joy, and happiness as my primary vibration of being.

I welcome inspiration and information into my path that is beneficial for my health and well-being.

I call forth the ability to recognize what is not in my highest harmonic pathway and the grace to step away from it in peace.

I connect to nurturing, nourishing, and supportive ways to learn and grow.


2) A very special announcement about my learning program Soul Compass! It is being released for wide-scale studying on Friday, March 26 :).

Format? Learning program in the form of a BOOK! Early ordering is open! Check into the end of the video for details. Click here for more program information and to get registered to receive your full copy on FRIDAY!!!! .

. Already a SOUL COMPASS registrant in the variation where you study with me? Check your inboxes :). You were sent the first full copies of this program in some extra content that was just for you!!!

Love the AFFIRMATIONS we worked with today? They are a part of Soul Compass!! There is lots more where that came from in the program.


Katie IndiCrow

Living my life in peace and joy. Impenetrable to all else.

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