Call on Zoom at 12 pm ADT, Today!

Good morning!

I am holding space for a community call on zoom at 12 pm ADT. That is a little under two hours from now.

Join in to say hello, hear some updates, ask a question or two, and hear what is going on in the lives of other people in our community.

Though I am not asking formal exchange for this call, I gratefully receive donations of any amount. It all adds up!

To access our call, click this link at 12 pm adt:

We will be on for at least one hour. If there is conversation flowing and space is feeling great, we will stay on for a maximum of two. We will go with what is most highly aligned.

Support may be sent to or to for etransfer if in Canada.

In our call, you will hear me reference a new project I am part of called Co-Meditation Collective. This is the link to get registered (make sure you click that I referred you)!:

You will also hear me reference Empath Enjoyment. You may find that here:

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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