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Building a Love Based Reality (Grounding Next Steps)

: Today, I heard a man shouting at another man as they were doing roadside rubbish collection.

He was yelling at the man about how stupid he was, and how he only has one effing job to do. The man being shouted at looked embarrassed and confused. I could feel his heart and his emotions in mine so closely.

The sound of hatred in the mans' voice. The sound of wanting to put the other person down. The sound of wanting to dominate by fear and aggression. It jarred me. Then I remembered how many people live being spoken to each day like that, and that at one point. I did too.

This is what we are working to leave behind, to work through. To understand. To bring love to. These hurtful patterns

As we move through Lion's Gate season, this happens. The fire, the pain, the behavioural characteristics. This is part of what one who entire energetic reality is built on and it is also part of what so many of us came here to transform. For me, in this situation, I came outside and let the driver know they were being witnessed. I stood in love behind the man who was being shouted at (from a safe distance and elevated on my own porch). I sent supportive energy to the person being screamed at. I held the space of a neutral and loving presence. This happened in my neighbourhood next to one of my huge crystals, and so I know we emanated that together throughout our whole area of the grid. I hope that the magnified energy situation that they found themselves in helped create space for peaceful resolution to whatever it was their disagreement had been about.

Crossing into 7d plus energy does not mean that we no longer see the world, the disagreements, the pain, the problems. In fact, sometimes we may find ourselves being drawn exactly where they are because of what we are able to contribute with our presence. Interfering can be dangerous, and we all know that. By the time we have reached this dimensional vibrational expression, we have great tools we can use to support. Love, the crystals, the crystalline ascension pathway, the reality streaming, blueprinting and so much more.

I share this little thought stream today because, friends, I have a feeling a next big step of supporting for those of us who are ready is to bear witness to some of the atrocities happening on this planet and focus our full and best light on releasing the veils on them so that the healing process may accelerate. This includes interpersonal situations and patterns like what was written about today, but also things like releasing the veil on what has been happening with children, programs like sterilization, and the crumbling and outdated power structures that we know sit on a tower of horrors beyond what most people are ready to imagine.

So many of us have been working away at these pieces and so much more in the astrals and different dimensions (and this one too). What I understand is that much of it is ready to be grounded in a very big way here on this earth. We are the seeders of the realities where these things do not exist and the pathbuilders who show they way how to get there. It is time that we start coming together in synchronized action to bring that about. We build the skills to understand how this happens by practicing in little examples like the one I shared today. By recognizing that it is not always to turn the back and look the other way. Many of us here in the community have never looked away, quietly working the lines and the histories. I know I have definitely spent many gatekeeping hours working on murder, abductions, various crimes against children, social inequality, human trafficking, body switching, programming, slavery, space wars, and so much more.

I am not the only one. I send love to all (seen and unseen) who are working on various parts of this.

We, as a group, have been preparing for a very long time and it is clear to me through the writing of this piece that a lot of us are ready to begin taking our co-creation to the next level. A way I am doing this is writing this piece and sharing this message with all of you.

When I sat down to write today, I had no idea that this is how it would conclude, yet I trust myself with where we have wound up.

For those who are ready, I am too. We can, will, and are doing this.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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