Broadcasting Freedom and Peace

Yesterday, we made it to an island that was once a prison for my people.

Women and children, in particular. (Men lived in town to work.) It was also a military base and prison. An execution ground. Before all of that Mi'kmaq traditional ground.

It now belongs to the government. Since the war, visiting has been extremely limited.

I entered and left the land in freedom. It felt good to do what so many of my Acadian ancestors did not do. Nor the soldiers. The return, of course, in honour of the Mi'kmaq and other indigenous people we called and continue to call friends in sacred relationship, today.

Freedom. Peace. Co-creation. We broadcast this frequency. We welcome all with this intent to join in. Planet earth is calibrating. We work with moon and crystal to amplify.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

#freedom #peace #indicrow

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