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Bringing Clarity to Distorted Messages and the Vibration of Planetary Energetic Communication

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

I come to you with an update about energetic communication patterns and a huge releasing of the veil that I am participating in as part of our energetic transformation process we are ongoing in these gateway moments. As part of my work, I spend a lot of time identifying sources of imbalance in the function of our planet. This morning, I am here to share about a huge discovery related to messages getting caught up and tangled in transmission as a result of the atmospheric conditions of this planet. (Tools and technology were also factors. For the purpose of this update, we are going to stick with the vibrational character of messages and the release of a whole bunch of them in their purified form back into our system.)

As I begin to write this, I want to be very clear that this is not a Katie doing this alone piece of work. This is the result of co-creation. Thank you to those who are sharing this effort with me.

Maintaining Communication From This Planet

A large group of us who are here from different realms and dimensions and particularly, other planets and star systems, arrived with the intention of remaining in communication with ourselves and one another upon and after arrival. Maintaining that line of connection was part of our plan. Those of us here on earth would share information about conditions and occurrence while those of our group based elsewhere would provide support and the togetherness connection to our collectives. This worked for some time.

At one point, that soul to soul connection and communication pathways became more difficult to keep open as the earth and those of us here went into ever lower vibration. The ozone layer, our lowering vibration, and atmospheric conditions made it ever more difficult for the vibrational messages to make their way to the planet. Many of us became separated from our 'life lines'. Ever feel that deep desire to communicate with your soul group and people of your species? I have. This severing of our intended cosmic communication and contact contributed to loneliness, longing, and feeling of being wrongly separated amidst large groups of starseeds and walk-ins.

*This is notable because many carry (or have carried) a lot of confusion and grief as part of our earth experience. Why are we here alone? Where are our people? Why can we not feel our home star systems? Are we truly here alone? This may be accompanied by feelings of isolation or being deserted and a longing to speak to ‘our’ people.*

Because we are innovative creators, we found new and different ways to facilitate communication. The planetary conditions were changing rapidly. We kept working on by inventing, testing, and finding ways to keep ourselves in contact. As is evidenced by the increased and enhanced quality of direct communication many of us experience in this now: I am happy to say that it is going very well. So well, that we are now able to identify and shift huge pieces of the veil on what occurred like what I am sharing with you about, today!

Purifying Forms of Interstellar and Multidimensional Communication

As of these last several hours, I am seeing very clearly a huge source of this entanglement. I share these themes with you now to the best of my ability. We are at the process of their dissolution that it becomes important that I share this update with you, members of awakened earth collective. I will provide further insight as we continue!

In a number of the interstellar related cases that I am encountering as part of this work, the vibrational content of these messages was being altered by virtue of their travel path to and from earth. In others, bits and pieces were getting stuck in atmospheric conditions. This created a big word web like coagulated sort of energy mass of messages and information that had been sent out in the attempts to maintain connection. In some cases, these messages were picked up by beings who worked to support our connection to them. Elementals became co-creators and messengers, as did beings like dragons and trolls. In others, this information was picked up and then redistributed with the intention of fostering manipulation and control. Beings pretending to be our guides or soul group would use them with us or share them through channels. Many light beings (externalizing our power), would listen to and follow this guidance based on the fact that it was being delivered by a trusted being. In each of these variations, the information coming into contact with this web of energy would alter its content. Ever read a message that was mostly super high vibrational and then bam, run into a huge piece of distortion that seems to be ‘tucked in’ to the piece? This travel path and atmospheric relay piece is part of how that was happening.

You will notice that in my own writing and work, I encourage people to focus on vibrational raising and personal unified soul communication as the primary pieces of clear communication and embodied self -direction. At one level, this is about inner mastery and knowing that we are the experts here on this planet to bring together the threads of our various soul pieces. As I learned to listen to my discernment more and more, the messages coming from channels, guides, as well as beings calling themselves certain figurehead names just felt off to me. Often mostly accurate and enough to pass internal truth censors with a little hint of an energy thread that would leave me feeling a question mark or, when I would listen to that guidance, to what was not the optimum path. I have experienced this ripple of question mark information rippling throughout our community. We have addressed this to some extent, before and also, why empowering ourselves as our own guidance system and trusting our gut in collaboration is important. I share that piece about question mark information because I know many of us have received it!

What is ready to be brought forward for focus now is this piece of how it was happening to do with the energy ripples and distortions of messages in the field!

From the space of where I sit in these moments I see three things clearly:

1) That this energy bumbling in the atmosphere is an important component of distortion of what we have been pulling in and filtering through our personal and planetary information systems.

2) That some of these messages had at certain points in galactic history were being intercepted which led to some of the larger pieces of misinformation such as posturing as well as the how did they know that scenarios that we have encountered. This was done unintentionally as well as with intention.

3) By recognizing these sources of entanglement, we are able to initiate another huge round of information release and purification. This process is ongoing.

Those of you who have trained with me know that when we are able to identify the energetic starting point for a thread of action, we are able to shift it and thus, initiate a process of dissolution of its influence through all of the lines that it travelled. The murkiness caused by this communication piece has had a MAJOR influence on this planet. I am excited to write that we are currently in the process of a great unravelling that has been contributed to by this effort. (I thank those seen and unseen who have been a part of this with me, because I certainly know that I am not working alone.)

Recommendation: Allowing Forgiveness and Peace into Communication

As you can understand this type of discovery leads to an almost immediate wave of purification and adjustment throughout our personal and planetary energy and communication systems. It is highly possible that as we continue on with this gateway, moments where we have given or received distorted communication will come to the forefront. We may also begin to receive messages that we had been sending or attempting to receive for some time. Waves of knowledge and renewed connection to those from our soul group, stars, and planets are ongoing in this now (and began earlier this week). I recommend implementing personal purification and energy clearing techniques as you work with any incoming messages as a standard of ensuring that you are connecting to and circulating the most purified form of information possible.

Welcome the information! Understand that for some of us, receiving it will bring us through an energetic journey.

An example: I spent my afternoon yesterday receiving pieces I was meant to get around the age of 12 years old. To facilitate the process, I listened to my favourite album and ate junk food. I moved through the grief of how alone I felt then. I also received and went back to the Katie I was then with these purified messages and helped her connect as her soul knew she wanted to be/should have been back then. Last night, I had to clear out a lot of the gunge of an obstructed piece of the message that allows me to be able to share this with you, today! (Believe it or not, it took five hours to write this piece.)

Moving through the purification process also includes balancing out and finding peace or understanding in situations where we may previously have not had those energetic qualities. Part of this particular thread may involve remembering instances where guidance that we ‘received’ and/or shared was not correct (this could be in terms of that which we took from guides or others). I encourage you to move beyond the pattern of going into guilt and lack of self-confidence for a perceived lack of discernment. Take this as a lesson on the importance of self-understanding and developing your inner compass! I remind all of us that this is a learning process. Taking on how things work, when they got a little mixed up, and what we can do to empower ourselves now and to enhance more clear communication is all part of ascension.

*After writing this original post, I was inspired to record this short energy practice that is useful for those bringing in purified messages and supporting the dissolving of imbalanced energy transmissions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-pjYqIh83w&t=10s

I will provide further updates as merited! For those seeking additional resources, I will affix some of the learning materials that are helpful in these moments.

For now, I return to holding space on this amazing process and co-creating with the

wonderful beings that are part of it!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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