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Birthing New Paradigms

Note for blog readers: Hey, friends. I am very internet sensitive. There are times when I share things on my FB blog that I energetically take some time to carry over to this page and vice versa. I am sorry for the delay in posting. I do the best I can. This piece came on Saturday. I wrote it from bed. I am sharing now to update you on what is happening and because the concept of birthing is something I will be sharing more about soon!

words ringing clearly in my soul over and over again as I lay in bed experiencing extra swirling and cramping and contractions.

Birthing a new paradigm.

Something very new is being ushered in. The peak of Orionids and the dates October 21 and 22 will be significant.

One of the primary ways the womb works is as a place of cosmic creation. Mine is here for this world. Many gatekeepers have chosen this path. I have only spoken about it a few times before, and never like this. Now feels right to begin opening up about it.

Purified codes relating to the work we have been doing on harmonic integration and several structures are incoming. The lessons of Orion have been learned. Apologies issued. We have created the energetic pathway and it is being initiated. The chains are being dissolved. The ripples are most likely being felt by now. Peace is good.

I will flow into this energy birth process and share updates as inspired and able. This birthing is an intense process that is psychedelic, physical, and so expansive.

Prepare for what feels to be a great big influx of magic. Those who are sensitive to influxes, this is a wave of embodying upgrades and lightcodea. The embodiers in my line, we are up. Sleep if you can but do not get upset if you cannot. Water, a clean house, easy to make food is all great to have on hand. Potential and perception are up to us.

I love being here and sharing this. As weird as it sounds, I know people are ready to hear


I will be quiet on the emails for a day or two as I do this. I am available but also having a very powerful physical experience.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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