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Big Week in the Crowsnest

Big week in the Crowsnest! As you know, yesterday was our youth oriented gathering. Tomorrow, I have been invited to be interviewed by Mari Beckman at 3 pm ADT (11 PST) on the wonderful world of interdimensional travel, being a psychopomp, and whatever else we feel inspired to share about. (Check us out on her page. I will share more about it, tomorrow.) We also have the first lecture of SOUL CARE being released, today. Still time to get in!:, I get emails just about every day about how to deal with soul fragments, integration, calling forth knowledge, clearing contracts and autonomy. This offering covers it all and is going to be thorough. I recommend people with those questions check it out. (Please also note I am being very kind with exchange adjustments because of the flux with rates and global currency.)

On the topic of our AMAZING youth oriented gathering, yesterday. We began our study on crystals. We continue next week. Please note that when school goes back in, we will move to Sunday or Friday evening post school until the year ends. Then we will keep going with our weekday stuff. I like having a weekend day off to be with friends but happily give that up to keep these awesome gatherings going if that is what is going to work best for our group. You may click into our access folder here to ensure you stay in the loop with our upcoming gatherings:

You may also check out the video and practice suggestions right here!: pt.1

Practice suggestions to be ready for next week:

Also, I am sharing this little glitterbox performance from last week. It has been almost a year since I was in France and my goodness, I am missing it mucho. Grooving to this guy (Bob Sinclair) is totally helping me lift it. In general, the joy of disco is really pulling it through for me and I hope the shares are helping you, too.

I came back to edit this post and share this Purple Disco Machine Glitterbox performance. The Bob Sinclair has a lot of old familiars in a more standard style. PDM has those extra sparkles/nu vibe if it is more your thang. Or just enjoy both :P/ Probably do that.

Loving reminder that I also gratefully accept gifts of thanks for my ongoing open access programming and kick ass community support to or if in Canada to


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