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Being Who We Are: Empowerment and Path-Building Techniques for Difficult Situations

As we know, there are some surprise and shock moments that can happen on the path. Big break ups, being laid off from our jobs, deaths, illnesses. It all happens. Thanks to the eclipse and our transition moments, many of us are right now having these experiences. I designed this toolkit and togetherness experience (live now) to gather together a group of us having these experiences, to provide participants with some awesome tools, an online chat group to empower one another and share in, and a community call to tie it all together.

Entitled, "Being Who We Are: Empowerment and Path-Building Techniques for Difficult Situations", this toolkit and group experience is exactly what it sounds like.

The package itself is a mixture of written and video recordings. So far, it has videos on karma dissolution/pathway creation, finding peace and meaning in tough times, self-care check-in, ways that we are able to apply light tools that we have learned through caretaking for the earth and our own bodies to these situations, and narrative. If you have been enjoying my reflections post eclipse, it will be in this tone. Real, but with a 'we can do this' positive twist. (I am dynamically adding content tailored to the participants.)

Access: To access the package, please register through IndiCrow Academy at this link. You will find information on how to get to our community forum through there. The forum is active until February 26: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/being-who-we-are-in-difficult-situations-tools-to-empower-embody-and-grow

*Please note that if you are not a group person, I have included a 'tools only' option for reduced tuition. For those who are seeking places to share and grow together, please take note that the option is there.*

**If you are someone who works within an institutional context that you are seeking to shift and are not necessarily involved in 'tough' dissolution situations: The tools I am sharing in here are highly adaptable to your environment. If we do get some practitioners joining in, I will make specific tailorings in posts to you/record videos for you. SPEAK UP and I am so pleased to create what is in highest vibrational alignment.

For example, what I am sharing in here could be for a nurse, social worker, lawyer. You are often the intermediary people in these situations. If you feel drawn to this material, please reach out. If there is enough interest, I would happily even set up something for people in that realm, too!* A SMALL GROUP OF PRACTITIONERS IS FORMING. THIS WILL BE ONGOING. I RECOMMEND GETTING INVOLVED NOW IF YOU ARE ONE OF THESE PEOPLE.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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