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Being an Empath (Can Be a Beautiful Gift)

What do these memes have in common?

They represent the public discourse on difficulties that so many of us who would have termed ourselves ‘empaths’ experience at one time or another.

Being an empath means that a person is able to feel electromagnetic currents in great depth. When an empath walks into an environment, they often feel a huge range of sensations ranging from how people in the room are feeling to the history of the space itself, to the very tone of the frequency of the light-bulbs.

Back when my energy body opened up, I could suddenly feel everything. I went from being a highly social person to one who preferred to be alone. Going into a crowd went from being exhilarating to outright painful. I would be out for a night dancing (my favourite) and all of a sudden would feel great anger or get a headache or feel overwhelmed. I could feel what other people were thinking. It was confusing, overwhelming, and tiring. I often chose to stay home alone in my own little bubble or would have to sleep for extensive amounts of time when I got back.

Why does this happen?

An awakened energy body is one that is able to read the environment around it. A person who has one is often able to get a lot more detail than what meets the eye when they enter a room or connect to a person. This means that the person with the awakened energy body receives a whole lot of information all at once, all the time. Transitions or long term exposure can be difficult because they expose one to an extended (or new) array of sensations to digest and understand. When we do not understand that our bodies are doing this and/or do not yet have the tools developed to filter it, we get hyper-stimulated. We burn out. We get worn down. We want to go home.

Back to the memes: Check out these last few. What do they have in common?

They represent being able to flow along in earth, with or without people, experiencing deep and joyous connection. (There are not as many memes about enjoying being en empath with humour. This is part of why I think a message like this is important.)

Something spoken about much less in the empathy/awakened energy body discourse is what an amazing gift it is. One of the parts that I love most about having ‘empathic’ skills is the way that they tie me to the earth and other people.

Ever find yourself knowing exactly which loving phrase is required? Or being able to support people in feeling loved and understood? Ever been able to seemingly just know how to speak to an animal that is hurt and how to help it? Ever feel what the earth needs or how you can help? These are all wonderful abilities that come along with being able to work with your developing sensory skills. Now that I have been able to figure out how my energy body works, being able to sense so deeply has become perhaps my most valued skill. As a gridworker, it helps me feel the land so clearly. As a practitioner, it brings me to that place of being able to feel through so many layers of a person and a situation. As a friend and partner, I am able to tune into exactly what is needed to bring comfort, security, and joy. As a being on earth, I can feel the trees and the water and MUSIC in the core of my being. In all situations, it helps me understand unspoken variables, which then creates more space for me to act in love.

Being energy sensitive can be rewarding and fun.

How do we get there?

One of the best ways to begin connecting to and enjoying this part of your skillset is to learn to love and care for your soul, your auric field, and your energy body. When left unchecked, many empaths/energy sensitive souls will carry around energy they pick up in their day to day experiences in their fields. You know how your teeth feel kind of fuzzy when you do not brush them and you feel weird until you get to a toothbrush? And how extended not brushing can lead to cavities? The same thing happens to your aura. Daily practice like smudging, clearing, and aligning your body and field helps it to stay strong and clean.

Knowing your boundaries is also key. Empaths and energy sensitive people often times take on a lot of tasks or emotional burdens for other people because they feel them so keenly. Understanding that saying no to activities that do not feel great, leaving when you feel uncomfortable, and not carrying the load of another person are all ok.

Learning how to listen to and understand the signals that your energy body is giving you is another important (and fun) step. Remember earlier on when I said that empaths pick up a whole lot of vibrational messages that are unseen in their environments? Those feelings are communications. It is entirely possible to code your body for the types of messages you would like to receive and the ones upon which you will pass. It is also possible to get into flowing conversation with yourself where you are able to know a LOT about a situation in seconds by simply running through your body and reading piece by piece what is being detected.

Awakened Energy Bodies: Ascension Perspective

Some of you may be reading this and identifying yourself with these patterns but not so much the term empath. You may also be thinking that this extended form of energy perception is not so out of the ordinary. You are correct! Back in earlier parts of our development, ‘empaths’ were ‘unique’ in that there were not that many of us on this planet with those senses awakened. This article in part is directed at people who have carried what was once referred to as a ‘stigma’ of being an ‘empath’. Being told that one feels too much or the confusion that came along with it is something that many blue rays, indigos, and early wave rainbows and crystals are working through in our own journeys.

We have done a great job. Thank you to all who came here and felt all that we did. We were blueprinters, anchors, helpers, and creators in opening up this vital skill that is going to be hugely important to the formation of the human collective consciousness.

One of the amazing parts of the next phase of human development is that this extended sensory perception that used to be thought of as only for empaths is being experienced by huge numbers of awakened beings. This openness and sense of connection is one that is part of the awakened human energy body! It also serves as an important piece of the skill set and connection level that is integral to the formation of collective consciousness here on earth. When we can connect at the level of feeling, there is that understanding without words that is so important to oneness.

Feeling is a wonderful gift that allows us to connect with great depth to this planet and the beings who live here. I invite all to join me in welcoming in the joyous, positive aspects of this piece of our function into our own lives and through that, spreading them into the awakened energy body blueprint collective.

Being able to sense through vibration is also a lot of fun!

*Please feel free to share. This is a community resource.*

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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