Beacon Point Post: New Loops Popping Up and How to Steer Clear of Them

Be mindful, friends. There is a loop system playing out where hologram children and false violence are being used to suck us back in to the tagging system.

As I have been sharing through the disclosure pieces, soul and energy siphoning can happen during sleep time (but also to our souls astrally/through choices we make and who we connect to with our bodies). This tag system had a lot to do with how we would have our energy harvested and siphoned. I most recently spoke about that process here:

It has come to my attention enough times that now it feels prudent to make note: There are energy projections and fake scenarios that are popping up. This is the old system working to plant itself in a new reality and/or to keep people leaving 5d in it. The strategy here is to work with the heart, spaces through manipulation of something so many of us care about/what is in the public imagery right now. That is, hurt children. Kids in tunnels. Souls who require 'saving'. *Note. If saving is your main objective, it is likely not a 'real' life astral scenario you are in. That is not the language or energy we work with for that type of work to work and stick.*

This is not just an astrals thing. There are also most definitely false reports being released by people seeking to make themselves 'authorities' in what is happening with the breakdown and crossing. As is old school, very predictable strategy, they are using code words that mean things to old versions of what we were working to achieve...but with a distorted twist. Heartstrings, once again the pull. I have also been made aware of false 'war' missions that are being used to distract people into recreating as opposed to transfiguring and/or releasing this energy from their lines.

A common thread weaving a lot of this has been projections of 'hero' energy where people are feeling as though they are being 'guided' to go into very dangerous places or that they are meant to follow another persons' lead. This is how well meaning people get roped in. This is how distraction happens. As a tactical planner working on these projects, I can tell you this right now. We do not go to places that we are not equipped to handle. None of us follow the lead of any other soul. We know what we are getting into. We have support. We have a choice. We always work with our soul as our compass. Anything not that is a great indication that things are not as they seem. When people who are not prepared for a task get goaded into connecting to it, they have the potential to create potential openings for bleedover and corruption.

As I have been sharing. Love. The heart. Our desire to support and do well is something that was highly manipulated in times passed. One of the things I am most pleased about with our 7dplus expansion is that we are able to see all of this with so much clarity. To clear it. To move on. To co-create in peace and love.

The best thing any of us can do is the inner work. Heal our wounds, align our souls, release outdated contracts. Live in freedom. Work with our soul as our primary compass and guidance system. Stay in our power. Know that we are exactly what is required when we stand in our unique energy presence.

I return to full, focus, friends. I will be on emails and the internet way less until May 25. I do still check in. However, I find that because we are also purifying the web of internet energy that we spoke about earlier this week, it is best to just let that play out. Enjoy the sun. Have fun building with love.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

For more on the tag system and some autonomy affirmations:

For more on the root system and energy siphoning:

For the remaining disclosure pieces, head on over to my youtube page. I have also created a number of open access, high power purification practices that you are welcomed to work with should you feel inspired.

Photo by Joshua Hibbert on Unsplash

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