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Back to school? New Ways of Learning

As we move into back to school times it feels important to step out and say: I have a formal research background. I taught university for several years and operationalized multiple research projects. As part of this training, I completed many methodology courses as well as came to be known as a specialist on data collection and preparing projects to make it through research ethics (and ushering them through myself). My special interests are global history and geopolitics with a focus on governmentality and community development. My formal training and degrees are in sociology and social anthropology.

Moving into the fall and school season, I feel compelled to begin offering myself as a resource with a formal education. I am ready to design learning content for our community that fuse traditional (local) history, what is considered the canon in formal Western education, and soul.

The first topic I am feeling inspired to bring us together on is information and research. This would have to do with understanding the various streams of information we can learn from (like Indigenous knowledge, science, folk literature, and formal academic studies). Reflexive thinking and asking questions is a life skill. So too is learning about the world through multiple lenses. Colonial knowledge control within education is a huge factor contributing to pigeon hole thinking and decision making. Supporting expansion beyond that is revolutionary.

I am extremely qualified to teach age appropriate social anthropology and sociology, as well. I would be happy to design content in flow for the community. Getting people together who are interested in this is a way for me to begin operationalizing this.

To prepare high quality learning content with organized data that is age appropriate takes some effort. It would be about this time that getting reading materials and content together would begin happening. So here we are.

Please note: I am willing to share this for people of multiple age groups. One more targeted to young people in school. One more targeted to the community. I will deliver content and host meetings. Just like in a formal classroom. I have run many and am ready to continue on! (I will be requesting registration from those who are able to provide it. $111 per month for community, will do 155 for households where I am designing content for multiple different age groups. This helps me cover my material prep and classroom support.)

I am lovingly receiving emails expressing interest from those who would like to get involved. Something of this magnitude takes some planning so please do not wait this out. Getting in touch now also helps your voice and household needs be heard and accounted for.

Please email me at katieindicrow@gmail.com to let me know if this sounds interesting to you. Let me know what age group you are seeking material/inclusion for and how many people from your household would be included. Also let me know general learning interests.

I have always loved research and formal teaching. It is exciting to get to share what I learned in those years in our community.

Looking forward to this new adventure!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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