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Feel like energy is targeting your field?

I rarely make posts like this. At this point it may well be.

We have had 7 to 10 days of scalar push being aimed at the planet. This has been designed to push fear, anxiety, and confusion in us. It includes false mirror images of people we trust, wake up and events that appear natural but are not. Surprise angry outtakes, robbery, aggression, or other strange incidents. Awful dreams that leave an impact on us when we wake up. Feeling spied on. Feelng compelled to do dangerous things. All of these are indications of this frequency pulse.

We could pass these off as initiations and healing. Any moment we persevere is. Some of what is happening now is not a natural part of the process.

For me to make this note. This is real and it is serious if we let it affect us. We are able to take care of our soul and autonomy.

Clear your field. Keep your auric practice a high priority. Listen to your own soul and be extremely mindful of what you trust. Especially in astral communication.

Bootes is a main broadcast point of this disruption.

Why is this happening? Beings who lose power try to keep it.

As it takes no impact all doorways close and dissolve.

I have students this am. This note is what I had the opportunity to write. I will speak more on this as able.

Check out my highlighted practices on youtube @IndiCrow Energetics. There are several you can work with to release veils placed and gain autonomy.

It sounds scary. Admittedly it can be. I am not saying this to create fear. Knowledge is power. We and this planet are strong. Keep raising the vibe. Keep securing your field with a strong auric field that has no tears.

I do have training on how to get your mind and field strong. Email me.


Katie IndiCrow


Living my life in peace and joy. Impenetrable to all else.

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