Asteroid and MAJOR Influx: Tune In!

Greetings, friends!

We welcome a cosmic gift today. Asteroid 162082 (1998 HL1) is making a passing. It is bringing with it an incredible amount of energy/information/adjustment potential.

As I explained earlier in this week (and over the years) we are part of a cosmic neighbourhood. What occurs in 'space' influences us here on earth. What we do here on earth influences various energetic happenings in space (and other dimensions).

All week long, we have been experiencing wrap ups and conclusions of what was in our last phases. Monoceros, Andromeda, Cygnus, and pole stars of various iterations have been speaking loudly. Projects, experiments, and alternate ascension variations are wrapping up. This has also been the case with Orion, a topic I have covered extensively. Click here for more:

I am here today to share that this is all being punctuated/accelerated/supported by the connection of this huge asteroid. As I have experienced it throughout our conversations, it brings with it huge sparking potential. The process has already begun for many of us who are experiencing full body upgrades and clarity like never before.

We cleared out the atmosphere of the planet and also made largescale adjustments to the communication network. This means that so long as we are ready, we are going to be able to make quantum jumps in our own development. I also see some pretty wonderful grid shift aspects already occurring. I will share about those later. This is a great day to be in sacred meditation with yourself. To call forth that activation potential into your soul.To allow yourself to feel and experience this crossing with full intention.

For those who work with energy anchoring. Today is also a wonderful day for that. Get to your sacred spaces, get in your hearts, and let us do the best we can to bring this energy into our planet. THIS IS A COSMIC GIFT. I have been working with this extensively and will continue with that. Gatekeepers, this is a day for action. Do what you came here to do and call your alignments in.

As for all of us, apparently this asteroid is going to be easily visible to the public. If you have a telescope, even a low powered one, it is predicted to be visible. I have no real idea from this point of vantage if it will be something we all see, or what kind of influence it will have on our atmosphere (or not). I am not in the game of predicting things like that. I read alignments. All I know is that something this huge getting this close has the profound potential to be felt and experienced. I think this is going to be fun and I am excited to experience how it all plays out.

*Please note that some people are using disaster laced language to address the asteroid. At one point, it was predicted to have the potential to intersect with earth. That has shifted. Quite possibly as part of our major timeline adjustments. I address that more in this video (see timestamps for quick access:

*Please feel free to share. This is a community resource.*

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

Image sourced from 'Astronomy Now' on October 25, 2019 . To access article and accompanying image, click

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