Asking Questions: A Research Learning Program for YOU!

Today, I excitedly announce to our community that my next baby, ASKING QUESTIONS is up and ready to receive new learners.


Asking questions is a three phase, three month learning program about: THE RESEARCH PROCESS! What we learn: a) The basics of what research is, who does it, and how we are able to do our own. b) An introduction to different forms of data and how to collect it. c) How to analyze the information we gather and to bring it together to tell a story, report, or opinion. Our learning is grounded in class activities that are fun. Each participant creates their own research question and gets to practice our skills by doing basic research and analysis. This is an all ages program. Options include support for homeschoolers/supplementing school curriculum as well as adult learners. The lessons are all ONLINE and you are able to get to them AT YOUR OWN PACE.


-Learners of any age who would like to learn about the research process

-People who are homeschool learners.

-People who would like to develop the tools to discern more about what they read on the internet and hear on the news.

-People who are seeking to grow their skills.

-People who left never got a chance to learn basic research in school and/or who did and forget it.

CLICK THIS LINK for an extended program description, example of the material, and a link to register:

I feel so excited to be back to teaching about research and expanding the Academy in this manner.

Thank you for joining me. I know a great group will!


Katie IndiCrow

Living my life in peace and joy. Impenetrable to all else.

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