Asking Questions: A Learning Program on How to Do Research!

ASKING QUESTIONS: Coming in January for homeschool/family learning and February for everyone else! A basic research program about asking questions and finding answers. This is for homeschool children and/or our adult friends of any age who would like to learn more about the process of forming research questions and the process of going about answering them!

Asking Questions is something I feel passionately about doing now because people are realizing the power of information and the importance of being grounded in strong research. A huge part of what happened with the veil is that these skills became forgotten and are not actively engaged. Knowing how to pose a great question, the process by which to gather basic information, and support on putting it all together to share our opinions is a LIFE SKILL. I welcome people of all ages and skill levels to join me for some fun. Please note that we do a project as the grounding of your learning on something YOU are interested in learning about! This is something we learn by practicing. Please be ready to invest by walking through the process! My credentials: Asking questions has always been HUGE for me. So much so that I trained and worked as a social anthropologist. Research: During my time as a student, I delighted in training in qualitative, quantitative, and mixed research methodologies and I was hired onto many teams because of my skills in that regard. I also designed and operationalized hundreds of research papers and was Principle researcher on three extensive projects. A research assistant on approx. 20. I satisfied the requirements of a BA(h), MA (with distinction), continuing to the end of a phd (which I left because the planet needed me more than the book did). Teaching: In the course of this career, I taught and designed multiple university courses. To earn those qualifications, I trained for hundreds of hours as a teaching assistant and private tutor. The material for this program comes from this experience.

On a personal note: I left academia with the intention of decolonizing by finding ways to teach what I had learned there. I believe asking questions and finding answers is a life skilI. I have missed teaching about research. Being able to do this course and what this means to my path is really special for me.

Program includes: 3 phases of focus (asking questions, gathering information, sharing our results). It comes with teaching instructions, worksheets, and study tips. I will also do 'office hours' where we get to chit chat about progress 2 times a unit. Here, we can review progress and give suggestions and guidance that come with formal learning. Registration for the program: $333 USD for a three phase /3 month program that you are able to replicate. The research process is something that we strengthen every time we work with it. I will request a little top up of up to $111 if I am providing a lot of guidance (large families of 3plus children, parents requiring additional teaching support). Payment plans accepted. Please email me at to get your name on the list for homeschooling/family learning.


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