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As We Shift

Be mindful. Ripples of control energy are being filtered. It seeks to stay relevent and powered up by influencing perception and cause conflicts/separation.

Having really violent/aggressive thoughts? What about projecting ill will or hatred? All of a sudden not trust someone you always have? Having thoughts of lack? Wanting to do self destructive behaviors? These are all signs of the energy moving. It dissolves when we choose to recognize it as old energy and claim our autonomy from it. It grows when we act in lower density toward ourselves and others.

Sore solar plexus. Pain in teeth. Rumbles in the heart. Inside shaking. Sore shoulders and back.All ways we can feel this in our bodies. Check in with yourself. Are you operating in freedom?

Many people have felt this ripple, the last few days. Hold the peace, friends. This is the old thread that once was very good at turning us against, one another. Causing pain. Causing destruction. Knocking us down and using us to knock down others.


We have been diligently working to unhook this pattern from our collective in our cosmic cycles, embodiment, and personal work. As part of it, I have generated three useful materials I offer here as support. One is a summary/history video that addresses the pattern and is a great place to start/have a review. The other two are meditation practices you are welcomed to work with to purify your energy field. (Video summarazied below with time stamps.)

I recorded this video in September 2019 that speaks about one of the parts of this 'core wound' that is up for us to live the new pathway through. It shares about what would happen to the people who would come here to support the planet/people as they would come into their power.

I work with the example of MLK Jr and JFK, Bobby and as medicine people in villages as examples of people who were working with souls to support processes of freedom, empowerment, health, ansd safety.

*(If you are a 'quick' video viewer. Go to minute 5 for the history part to kick in)*

At the time of recording this video, we were very much moving through the type of band I describe in the first five minutes of this video. As I noted in a post earlier today (and will further discuss tomorrow), we are definitely in a band where this energy is 'up' once again. We are rippling it out. We are releasing our connection to the beings/systems/timelines that powered and influenced these behaviour streams. This type of exchange is how the archon grid was a thing and how so many of us were kept down for so long. (We move into that around 11:30.)

As you hear, we have been freeing ourselves from the archon grid en masse. It is crumbling rapildy. So too are old systems of mind control and manipulation. (For more on that, see my 'testimony' series and the adrenal gland purification practice:

You may also like to check out my energy purification piece on how to purify communications (and hear clear messages):

More from me after I get some rest. I was out all day stabilizing this. It was fun, it went well. All going very well. Requiring self care and introspection before delivering any further new material or insights!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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