Are You Ready?

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to open your heart and receive?

To believe the things you never thought would be part of your life can be?

To take the steps to forge an existence based in love and trust?

To know that this planet is a magnificent place filled with beings who love it? One another? You?

I am.

I welcome the purification of my body, my narratives, timelines, and soul.

I welcome the releasing of my veil. The way I saw myself and others.

I welcome the peace of forgiveness and understanding and allow its purple pink light to

wash over me.

I call forth the crystalline adjustment frequencies being broadcast to and through the gridsystems of this planet.

I feel them swirl through my heart space, to my crown, solar plexus, feet, root, sacral, higher heart, hands, and all the spaces where adjustments and upgrades are prepared.

I enjoy this process of calibration. Feeling rainbows and ripples fluttering through my awareness, bringing up memories and sensations from my energy body.

I allow myself to feel the sadness and pain of what once was and I release it.

With every now, I am evermore becoming the crystalline version of me.

Happy Equinox gateway, friends. The moon energy is doing her job beautifully, supporting the karmic cleanse part of this process. Connecting to the crystalline core and calling forth the highest vibration of energy as I have taught you begins the alignment process.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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