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Have you been seeking a dynamic environment within which you are able to refine your skills with an eye on developing and utilizing your unique skillset that called you to this work?

I am ready to work with you. Up close and personal, in depth, and in a dynamic environment with other therapists and energy aligners of various types. This includes energy focused practices like what I do as well as more Western accepted forms like occupational therapy, psychology, and more. Heads up, I have been working with this range of people behind closed doors for year. If this is your ambition and you are in a more institutionalized field, you are welcomed and not alone!!!! We have gaps to bridge and I am all over supporting and facilitating that process.


Please take note that I will be opening up some in depth training including working with people who are working on becoming advanced light body/energy practitioners (in training). I am excited about this one because it is going to be all about understanding how to really advance/work with/understand/cultivate each participants' unique gifts in relation to working with souls/energy/bodies. The first wave of this program will be going on for approximately 6 months and it will be focused on getting a strong understanding of the energetic/interface fundamentals of the body/soul capabilities and function. This includes how energy sits in bodies. How soul healing, physical healing, and emotional healing are connected. It will also include exercises like how we are able to apply things like narrative and connecting patients/clients to their highest vibrational potential (WITHOUT IMPLEMENTING OUR WILL) as well as how to be able to increase the potency of ourselves and our spaces.

In order to be considered as part of the program, I will have required participants to have completed some basic training in the IndiCrow Method including the soul conversation/unification method outlined in 'Soul Unification' and the basics of an energy system advancing in 5dplus 'Expanding Your Energy Body'. It would also be highly advantageous if you had taken 'I Am' or 'Everyday Energy'. (These are all quickstudy offerings that you can begin right now. Head on over to IndiCrow Academy to check them out.

* I am currently receiving emails from people who would like to indicate their interest for this upcoming in-depth training. To get the ball rolling, I am running assessment sessions with potential candidates this month which helps me/them see if we are a good fit to work together. During these sessions, I am also able to figure out where you are at with skills which also then helps me tailor prep materials that you may need/have a more specific orientation toward your interest for the content I design. *YES, I DESIGN WITH THE PARTICIPANTS AT THE HEART OF THE PROGRAM. What you are interested in/practicing will be a featured highlight throughout.*

I am excited about this. I have been wanting to go deep and I feel that there now is a very good time to get ready for that. I call forth and welcome emails of interest from people who are passionate in finding ways to support alignment and understanding with the ever expanding human body!!!!! Find me at katieindicrow@gmail.com.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

Photo by Owen Beard on Unsplash

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