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April Body, Soul, and Stars Energy Report

Hello, friends!

I recorded us a special April Star, Body, and Soul Report! This is my little community offering to get us in the know about what we have going on in our cosmic community and how it affects life on earth. Done in podcast fashion, this is currently listed on spotify. It is available to ALL listeners in full (subscribers or not). Click this link will bring you right to it: https://open.spotify.com/episode/1Tme2tMHmRkZGr3PeycSRF ).

Key themes:

-Equinox into Easter. Self sacrifice and the journey to resurrection.

- Needing to sleep a lot and/or feeling the desire to cleanse as examples of our bodies/souls preparing us for incoming energy.

- The journey of Jupiter and Saturn and their role in judicial matters. We are experiencing this influence in real world issues in our own lives. We are also working through this as a society. The George Floyd trial that just began is an example.

- Updating our relationships to action planets like Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter as we make our way through the month. Great for those of us working on refining our relationship to the characteristics in ourselves these planets represent. Potentially a bit rough for those encountering them for the first time.

- Choice. A tale of 2 (or more) worlds living on one planet simultaneously. We are going to have some very explicit moments of awareness that a whole new group of people are "waking up".

- The moon and its occultation of Mars.

- The journey of Eris (dates to stay in our lane and why).

Other resources mentioned:

For my new book and learning program, 'Soul Compass': https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/soul-compass-1 .

To access my other Crow Medicine podcasts and projects: https://linktr.ee/KatieIndiCrow



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