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Anchoring Energy With the Eclipse and Activations All Weekend

Hello, friends!

It is an exciting time to be here on planet earth. We are 6 minutes from the start of the eclipse whose path goes through Australia, Europe, Asia, Africa, and I believe we even get to see the very end of it here in North America.

I have been in group work with co-creators all day long. We have been joyfully doing systems checking. We have also been helping prepare for the huge wave of souls that are about to be activated/receive their soul pieces as the eclipse path moves through the continents.

Yes, that is right. The eclipse has huge activation potential for humanity. So too does this whole weekend, as did yesterday. I shared more about that in a video update: https://youtu.be/GCmrn3jDZS4.


There are three main bits that we would love some support on over the next few hours (and the entire weekend, really).

Piece 1: Please feel free to connect to the energy of the peace timeline that is being rippled through/activated in the human collective this January. We know that there are violent acts happening on this planet right now. Many happening in regions where the eclipse will travel. Lighting up the peace template seeds that have been planted in those regions with intention makes them a more viable and accessible energetic option of resolution. For a reality to happen, it must be planted and nurtured. We are able to help with this.

Piece 2: Powering up and sending support/high vibrational energy into the sites receiving purification as part of the eclipse. A good many are to be activated to their new higher vibrational potential this weekend. We are able to help with that by intentionally giving them a cleaning and charge up.

Piece 3: Working within your energy collectives to provide energetic support as your heart and soul are called. This is an all hearts on deck weekend, friends.Do what is in your highest vibrational alignment in connection with the crystalline ascension pathway/your primary ascension timeline.

I found this site earlier today that has some great information on the eclipse. I recommend connecting to it and perhaps tracing the path with crystalline light. After that, move to where your heart feels called and pump the grids up with the white flame of purification and/or the energy of doves. Note the time that the eclipse is visible in certain regions, like four hours and four minutes in Russia: https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/globe/2020-january-10

We, as a community, have practiced the skills required to do this over the years. I highly recommend you trust yourself, follow your heart, and know that whatever you are inspired to contribute, IT COUNTS. Even if it is your every first time.

If you have not yet connected to this personal practice that I released, yesterday (with Iris) we HIGHLY recommend. It will support you in your birthing process: https://youtu.be/DWK0d5nWqA4.

I have to get back to my other sacred tasks.

I love you, I believe in us and this planet.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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