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Acceleration Update: Stabilization, Renewed Communication Networks. and Calling in Sacred Gifts

Hello, friends!

This is a message to encourage those of us here on this planet to hold it down, in, and through for ascension to keep going and to take care of ourselves.

We have launched ourselves into the acceleration leading to 2021 as of last week. The potential trajectories are incredible. In order for us to actualize them, we must embody those frequencies and choose our pathways to doing so.

This means honest, day to day effort. Self work. Caring for the planet and our collectives. We have much more to do as this ripple integrates with its next wave of the population. This approach will support us in being able to create a smooth trajectory and experience. We are engineering an energy shift into an integrated system. This is a big deal and we must remember that.

Task Update

Stabilization/calibration/coding continues on. There are many ripples of emotions moving through the collective field as people make those personal alignment choices. The veil is being released. This means that we are seeing the truth of many things in our own lives and our societies. Collective karma is being transfigured and shifted. As we know, this type of energy release creates ripples. The elements and elementals are here to help us with that. Remember to collaborate with what is occurring in your local region as you work with supporting them and the people living in them. Dragons and unicorns

love to work with emotions. So too does wind and rain.

Self Care is Important

I know that many of us are drawn to my sharings because we are united by gridwork and gatekeeping. I highly recommend daily work with whatever your focus is. Many of us have not really gotten a moment since before Lion's Gate. I know that some are getting tired. Taking the time to care for your soul is incredibly important. Daily energy practice is essential. So too is taking many moments to align your pathways and to call in our knowledge. It can be easy to get into the full steam ahead, help everyone else and support myself later, mentality. Right now, the daily self work is extremely important. It is not one of those times we can just push it aside and pick it up when we finish the task. We are in a marathon and right now, the tools to run it more efficiently have just come in.

Renewed Communication Networks

I am pleased to share that for many of us, the connection with our home planets, tech, and star systems will now be much easier. We have been consistently integrating communication streams for the last six months, with teams heading out to re-create astral connection points, and to build spaces on earth to support communication. We have been successful. The components of connection have now been extended much beyond the basic system of communication we were able to maintain by relaying messages to and from certain star systems who so lovingly help space over the transmission streams like a group based out of the pleiadian constellation. I have been a lead architect on this task and will happily share more about that in another piece. For now, know that you can go to your crystalline building space and call in your upgrades/reconnect your connections if you have not done so already.

Support Materials Available!

These moments are wildly intense and beautiful and transformative. I wake up each day and feel so excited to be here on this planet. I am acutely aware that as I feel joy, so many people are moving into the density of what it feels like to experience the first waves of vibrational transition. If you are a person who is in this part of your journey, I highly recommend checking out my youtube channel for tools like how to do your own timeline transitions, how to connect to 5d plus via meditation and alignment, how to recognize when you are moving through dimensional transition and so much more. I also have a backlog of written meditations you can check out on this page by flipping through the pictures. Trust your heart to bring you to what will serve you in your highest alignment! My blog: www.indicrowenergetics.com will link you to all of the above.

Images for Meditation

The images connected are great points for meditation for those of you seeking ways to balance and align your energy fields. They were recorded at various times when I have been working on those tasks with the planet and hold the codes and frequencies of those sacred spaces that are useful in moments just like this! Focus on the one that calls you in, or perhaps even all three! Breathe deeply, imagine you are there and you can feel the elements and/or the crystals and the environment. Allow yourself to release that which no longer serves you and welcome peace, love, forgiveness, and joy in. Declare your energetic autonomy. Align and connect to the highest vibrational version of your ascension pathway. Clear your relationship to the planet. (These words are crystalline encoded. Focusing on each sentence and working with the images to ripple it through your field will support powerful energy clearing should you allow it with your consent. Without consent, they are just words. Free will and consent are key here.)

For now, I must turn to other sacred tasks. I will be back with more updates as aligned and inspired.

*Please feel free to share. This is a community resource.*

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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