Acceleration Update

Hello, friends!

I touched down long enough to record this energy update! In it, I speak about the dissolution of some major timelines, how many of us are adjusting our bodies/energy fields to connect to our new trajectories, and of course what we are able to do with storm energy like that being created by Hurricane Dorian.

A special focus of this piece is some of the work that has been done to shift out the vibration of manipulation and control that was weighing on parts of the remaining collective to transition as well as our galactic alignments. This includes murder, soul selling, black magick rituals focused on children, enslavement, and more. Huge parts of this have been shifted off of the timelines and the veil is dissolving quickly. The true nature of what has been going on as part of the archon grid and alternate versions of society are in the process of being revealed. Holding the space of love here is so important.

I welcome those of you who are seeking access to additional materials for support to check out my youtube page, IndiCrow Energetics. I also have a blog that has lots of written exercises and updates if you are seeking more information on what is being addressed here. I also happily direct you toward my school, IndiCrow Academy to check out the practices I mentioned in the closing of the video:

Extending a huge wave of love and thanks to those who are co-creating and contributing in any and every form. We are doing a beautiful job. I invite you to join me on the grids for stabilization and support during this next piece of our shift.

Please feel free to share, this is a community resource.

I did not have the chance to deal with sound and adjustments this am, so take the tinny voice and crooked camera as a sign of my love and dedication to getting this great information out as opposed to being a mess :P

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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