• Katie IndiCrow

A Message from Our Healing Planet: Honouring our Souls and the Sacred Contract

Hello, friends!

As we shift into the Age of Aquarius, this beautiful planet that we call home has entered a new phase of healing. This video is a message about the planet earth as a being with emotions that is in its own growth phase. Topics covered include:

- The earth as it heals us. How the earth grids get laden down and tired from healing us (and how activities like anchoring light are supportive to saying thanks and keeping it lit).

-The sacred contract that we are part of. That is, the one where we recognize that we live and exist on a sentient being who has a spiritual and emotional life. That we are sustained by this planet. That we are able to give thanks by doing our own healing, making choices that contribute to taking care of it, and learning about it in this form. -The ability of the planet to tell caretakers what it needs. The responsibility of those who take care of the planet to make sure that we are listening to it (with discernment). The vital role that our own personal healing plays in shifting this planet! For those who are seeking further connection on these themes:

-I record a weekly podcast called Crow Medicine. Sometimes there is music, other times not. Each instalment is a focused intent activity about healing. Sometimes this is aimed at the planet, others more at our personal souls. Both count. -I have released a book called 'Soul Compass'. This is a book about how to hear your soul and heal it. It is also a special introduction to getting into your sacred life on this planet (or furthering that path). This is really great for people on the path at any level. Books – Crow Medicine Media will link you directly to Soul Compass. You may read the table of contents and gain access now! - Relevant to the caretakers of the planet: The method of hearing your soul as a main source of sacred guidance is also one that is essential to being a caretaker of this planet. I speak about the beings who seek to control: Taking the time to learn how you sound and to heal yourself. To know your weaknesses and strengths is KEY TO BEING A GOOD GRIDWORKER. Take the time and study this book. It will change your life. FUTURE CONNECTIONS: Next few months will be filled with activities. I have a second book due to be released in a month. After I do that, I will host some focused intent events. I have musicians and artists on board. I will also open up new forms of training in October. For now, those seeking to learn from me are welcomed to the books. They are KEY. You may also send me an email to katieindicrow@gmail.com if you have a specific question about learning directions and are seeking training. I have created a library of programming that is top notch. I will refer you properly if there is something in my library that fits.

Welcoming gifts of thanks for my ongoing dedication to open access programming for our community to paypal.me/KatieIndiCrow. Welcoming people to check out my patreon community (patreon.com/KatieIndiCrow), welcoming people to check out my school: https//:www.indicrowacademy.thinkific.com

You may also check out my new website www.crowmedicinemedia.com.



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